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Search and rescue team has found the body of a missing skier and Lake Tahoe. Sixty-two-year-old bread. Herrick of seaside went missing yesterday while skiing at the heavenly ski resort on the south side of the lake Douglas county sheriff's officials say ski patrol members using a search dog found Herrick spotty buried in deep snow today. He was recovered from a wooded area about one hundred feet from the groomed trail near the California Nevada line whereas much as three feet of snow fell over the weekend. San Francisco has settled a lawsuit with a well-known rental car agency accused of scamming customers who crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. KCBS gentlemen, reports the case involved fees of up to thirty two dollars for a single bridge crossing. The case is being settled here in San Francisco, but city attorney Dennis Herrera says the business practice was affecting Hertz rental car customers all over the United States era explains how the plate pass service worked. Let's say they rented it for a week. And they went. Over the Golden Gate Bridge on their first day. That's the only time they went across the bridge, but they were charged the service fee for each of the remaining days that they had the car up to a maximum dollar amount of thirty two dollars Hertz provided a statement to KCBS about the settlement noting that since a policy change took effect a year ago, it only charges the fee on the days. The service is used hurts in one of its business partners have agreed to pay San Francisco three point six five million dollars toward future. Consumer protection efforts in San Francisco gentleman. KCBS let's see no residents make up twenty six percent of the population. In Santa Clara county, yet have forty five percent of felony charges against them. KCBS has Jennifer Honda says that's just one of the findings in a report put out by the district attorney's office on top of that African Americans represent two percent of the population. But thirteen percent of charged felonies. I don't have an answer as to why this is all happening. But I do think that it's important for us to realize it's happening and to think about how we can reduce disproportionality in our criminal Justice system. James gibbons? Shapiro is assistant district attorney in Santa Clara county, the report focused on the county's five zip codes with the highest rates of crime. He says they're focusing their efforts there we've assigned community prosecutors to these high crimes zip codes to try to work in crime prevention in those areas and we've worked very hard on truancy. Not just in those neighborhoods across the county. The district attorney says the report was commissioned to turn the tide on systemic inequalities in San Jose, Jennifer, Hodges, KCBS, rebelling circuses with exotic animal performers may soon have to scratch, California tour dates off their schedules. The story from Craig figure with radio dot com. News station Canucks in the abusive exotic animals like elephants and large cats by traveling circus companies has long been documented now. California is on track to potentially make those performances illegal. I can remember when I was a child, and I was taken to the circus. And I remember the sound of the crack of the whip that cracking noise, and I had this sick feeling in my gut. But I was told. No, it's okay. It's okay. It doesn't hurt them. And I discovered that I was lied to as a child Elliott attorney. Lisa bloom lending, her voice of support to the circus. Cruelty Prevention Act, it is a Bill sponsored by state Senator from San Diego. He's on a PR tour ahead of a vote in these states capitol if it passes there it's onto the governor's desk for signature to become law. And again, that's Craig thickener reporting in southern California intuition for the first five classes for all four years. We'll be waived at the brand new Kaiser Permanente school of medicine in Pasadena. Kaiser Permanente also announced that the medical school has received preliminary accreditation, and we'll begin accepting applications in June for the first class in summer of twenty twenty clinical education will primarily take place in the greater Los Angeles area in Kaiser permanent. Hospitals and clinics as well in partnering community health.

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