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They couldn't put together enough offense. Right when they had chances to close the game out, And I think that the single biggest drive the Bronco defense had the Titans pinned down on the fore. They had a couple of incomplete passes. Henry didn't have a run for not much. And they had to pump the ball. And the Broncos took over on their own 44 yard line. Excuse me on the Tennessee 44 yard line. Now. They took over with one point lead on the Tennessee 44 with four minutes and change at 406 to go. That's where you go down to score in. The game is yours, and that was the first down past. Was the one to Judy right in his hands. Yep. Right. Then they ran Melvin Gordon. Obviously trying to run some clock down. He has a game, too. And then on third, eight lakh through that deep pass on the West Side line that he had a show on Hamilton Day. Sean pulled up a little bit on the route, but it was incomplete. Then again that again. They punt the ball. Tennessee starts in there, 10! With three or five to go, and that was what turned out to be the winning drive. So the Broncos have a lead. Tennessee has the ball on their own 10 yard line with three or five to go. They're able to move all the way down the field and consume all but 17 seconds, so We got plenty of things to talk about nine 48th time. We continue in the phone lines. Dave Logan, Rick Louis with you and Mark is joining his son Kay away. Good morning, Mark. Hey, guys, how you all the day? We're good. Two observations and a question of my signal last long enough. Um, First of all, we were talking earlier about Jerry duty being a little bit gun shy. We had another guy, I think. Ah, Adam, Missouri undrafted guy number of years ago that Early in his career. I thought he was the same way and he turned out pretty good. You talk it, Rod Smith. There you go. Yeah, Undrafted Guy Adams right duties. Adam's very to any No. Judy's out of Alabama. Okay. Got it wrong. Any honey case? That was one observation. Another observation was I thought that the defense did a really good job with Derrick Henry through most of the game last night. L'd himto. Really not not a lot of yards early on. I need to. I thought the defense and Mark thanks cost that the defense was was stacked against him. Um There's so many things that you look back in the game, say, man. Oh, man, I'll tell you what sucks The life out of a team and coaches and fans and everything else is when you play a game. The effort certainly was there. And you look back and say I should've won this game. Right. It's the same thing I said last year when the Bears came to town. And it's the same thing are very similar to what I said last year in Jacksonville, came to town both two point losses, both on late field goals at home. And you know you, you look at you know the shovel past people talking about the shovel pass. He went for it on fourth and one. I think they probably just had a call that they liked. And we've had a texture that said, my only complaint from the 970. My only complain of the game is run the ball four downs on the goal line. No shovel passes, air throwing. Use your high dollar big back. Yeah, they did run. Two of those four snaps and they didn't drink a drop. Lindsay got one. Carrie For about a half yard. Gordon off the left side got stoned, And so that's something that they're gonna have to go back and look at. You've got to be able to line up and And get a yard when you have to get a yard, right, And that's to me. That's more of a mindset that anything else absolutely. Ah, and in your first game, I get what the texture said. If you want to be that team, you you probably run the ball with Melvin Gordon at least three times. I'm not sure why you'd run Phillip Lindsey down there on the one yard line when you got that big back back there, the big hammer. And he's a touchdown maker. That's what he does. That's what you're paying for. So that was that was a kind of an odd Siri's. I thought. And really Oh, no. Melvin Gordon, other than the the fumble, Hey, had a good game. I think you could see what they got in Melvin Gordon. Last night. He he's good. He's a good player. He has had a history of fumbles. As you pointed out during the broadcast saved, especially his rookie year. What I believe he had five fumbles. His rookie year. But for the most part after that rookie year of his, he's kind of clean that up. But that was a big one Last night there really heard of no wass because they had. You know you don't have complete control of any game in the first half. I mean, you do, but that's not the deciding factor there up seven Nothing. But again with Gordon's fumble. You're absolutely right. I mean, that gives time to see the ball in the Broncos. 23 are glint in your defense. Obviously, I mean, you could tell that they were going to play well last night. I think the injuries in the secondary Or factory. It's the end of the game. I mean, something that I don't think you ever want ever as an NFL coach. No disrespect to these young guys, and you know what? They're probably going to turn out to be really good players. You look out there and see Michael Move Ocean. Muthiah Ah, one corner, third round draft choice of rookie and you look out and see Isa. He sang Bassi, undrafted college free agent rookie on the other side. So that's you. That's you know, that's a mean bastard was playing in the slot. But that's what you get two rookies in the back into your defense. You know you're going to get some business. Yes, And they like both of those guys a lot. I woke up this morning and it and it kind of hit me. No, they've got they've got the Monte Harris. They've got duped us and junior to guys that played a lot of football last year, both of them on the bench. Once boy got hurt, Which kind of tells you How much they like. Oh, Jim Moody and Bassi. Yep. But I.

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