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These are calling on Gerry McNamara think pressure on that would confirm that that was the most shot and then just see them and then that the staff in the chairman had no comment and just sort of go hello this is the problem this is what people don't like us this crap like this is what people are having a such a terrible opinion of Congress chairman allergist did in his staff and the rest of the majority who sat there quietly and said nothing this is what they don't like us because they know it's all about games I know it's all about these TV screen it's all about giving it a present they will the prime time here this is speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff me others directing this maybe I don't have a chairman anymore I guess I just need to go straight to the full of the inside what TV hit is this committee made today because this committee has lost all relevant yeah represented by Doug Collins ranking member on the house Judiciary Committee just furious what happened last night was they were supposed to the Judiciary Committee was supposed to have a vote kind of an up or down vote on it and vote for it and then they would go to the the house and that's how they'd schedule it and they never told the Republicans until midnight right all the sudden Nablus's were ending it will will vote tomorrow and they Republicans just went nuts because they were never built remember you you plan these things in advance yeah financial the writer schedule these things in advance up is so because everybody has their schedules and they didn't say a thing and the question is why now the Republicans are initially saying they believe it's because of TV time Eric and I don't know if we buy that I I just don't buy it does not I think they're scrambling because it this will push the floor vote back a day likely and I think right now they're probably trying to win votes it gives them more time to what boats right and and it gives them it gives them that extra time that seal and I'm unless they believe they've got something else but to not consult because that's what happens normally they consult and they say okay here's what we want to have these hearings yeah can everybody make it are you guys cool with this yeah to pull this at the last second though they just when you guys are just you you guys are just playing games now this isn't even this isn't serious at all right so it was a really interesting now I have to ask a question I can't find any new story of any comment from any Democrat no I mean never just bold he just got up and left and you know the media scrambling they're trying to get there they're trying to get an answer everybody went home.

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