St Louis, Espn, Slander And Libel discussed on Rush Limbaugh


There's one come to your mind off the top of your head where I was totally blaspheme then lied about it misrepresented all okay when I was a very a minority member in an ownership group that is wanted by the St Louis rams the moment that leaked out there were stories all over the media that were totally manufactured such as the big quote that circulated found its way into every major newspaper in this country it was headlined on ESPN that I had said slavery was a period of time where blacks were better off than they are today and it wasn't that bad or some so something I'd never set media matters have reported that I sent to some guy wrote a book chalk full of lies things that I'd said the media is not one of them called me to say did you really say they just ran with it and that was just one of the misrepresentations and analyze the day friend with them this is it's been a it's been a staple these are the kind of things that you have to say trump same thing years kind they have to save yourself these are happening because you represent a threat they're happening because your affect if they're happening because you whole is a danger to people and they can't find a way to get rid of your so they're doing this and it's it was for me it was a very tough psychological transition to learn to take that kind of hate as a sign of success because that's not how I was raised I mean I don't know anybody to raise that wants to be hated and it's not normal it's not natural so you have to you have to cross the psychological barrier in order to keep it from overtaking you and not ruining you but but changing your personality so that you become what they say you are you can't let that happen gotta stay who you are and trump I've not seen anybody I don't think there is any but I've never seen anybody can get this amount of incoming grief the lives the misrepresentations the outright slander and libel and I don't know of anybody alive who could take it for as little as three or four days before asking and begging stop stop I'll quit if you want to stop anyway I appreciate the call very much west take a brief time out back after I don't know why because we know for you best will do on the network the holidays seem to always be go go girl you've got so many things to do and by the end you'll probably have house guests you might not be so sad to see go now while you're on the go all you're using.

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