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Up. Table and apple told all the chips you know. You can't hit your number every time but When that seven comes up you're done using a little. Craps analogy alright talking about Craps and money the treasury's taking sanctions at aiming to block ransomware groups from cashing out. So the us department treasury is is basically sanctioning virtual cryptocurrency exchange selects s. u. e. x. For its role in facilitating ransomware. Pant payments the sanctions of the first of its kind against the cryptocurrency exchange prohibited americans from doing business with the company. It's delays action is part of the us government. Whatever ever to counter the riser ransomware including across agency tax force and a ten million dollar bounty for information on state-backed cybercriminals that has so far seen mixed results just this week. The black manner re ransomware group demand invite point nine million in ransomware from hacked iowa farm service provider but now that they had put the put the kabosh and being send this money through sue x. s. u. e. x. he may be a loss for that That company that's now facing you know a ransomware situation but this is going to really cut the flow of cash from coming back to them so it's being said sue his lauded. The move is a big win. A wait chanel asus. C. h. a. n. a. a. l. y. s. i. s. which aided the us vacation of suez has lauded move as a big win leaving the exchanges one of the worst offenders of cryptocurrency based money laundering and a blog post blockchain analysis. Firm said souks netted almost thirteen million dollars from ransomware operators like rocks and maize since exchange exchanges found in two thousand eighteen to analysis also said they changed gained more than twenty four million dollars from crypto skim operators so You follow the money. That's where that's where you that's where you go. And that's the power of the united states treasury is Is basic say. You can't send money. You can't do business through them and it really drives up the bill ability of these people to not be tracked. Amazon switching gears here amazon is envisioning a department store. Full of qr codes high-tech dressing rooms in a report apparently might be able to use qr codes request clothing to try on the report. Saying people in the matter journal said the tech giant's looking ways to combine the experience of shopping online and in a physical store customers able to request clothing tryon by using qr codes for example and could use a touchscreen it would also recommend additional items robots and other types of automation might also play a role in the store through the report. No the plants have not been finalized as company policy. We do not comment and rumors or speculation. Amazon spokesperson told cnn via email. Of course in august it's being reported amazon's planning open at thirty thousand square foot department store. Ohio and california sell items like clothes and electron ix. So you know you need. How have you bought shoes lately. You know. I like sneakers now. At for many many years. I wore nothing but Steel toe boots and for me. You know it's it's a joy now to be able to just wear sneakers and It's it's really hard when you have narrow feet to be able to to basically no it size to buy especially when it comes to shoes try shoes on walk around in you. Think you got the right size and then the later have warmth a little. I like man. Wish these a hapless is bigger. So i run into this issue all the time so with nyc. I know what size my shoe has been. Nyc might make use is a nine point. Five with nike shoes. I never went wrong with a nine point. Five attends too big too small. So when i go into a shoe store and requested nine point five and get a shoe and it's usually does. It's not the same. How come they can't get the sizes the same. It's like every hubei buy it's either. It's either one upper one down. So e sales must hate. Bring me a nine. Bring me a nine and a half and bring me a ten of the same shoe. That's what i have to do. I don't know about you same thing. How much time in money is being spent that guy gone back and forth back and forth. When it'd be just better you see issue you like. And in this instance scanning qr code and the robot brings you three boxes and you picked the one you want. You put the two back on you go. Yeah some of you like the experience of ask salesman looking at your feet i. I don't need a salesman can make beat i. I need but she's on. They feel good. Walk around looking at mir. You know you know busy being busy boom in and out now ladies. I know i know it's that doesn't work for you so much but for me that i know what i want. I know get out so maybe not only amazon. But why can't other companies adopt some of this. I'm sure what it is is. The technology costs is very very high and with marge's being very narrow. It's easier just to pay that. Have two or three people on staff that's running back and forth getting different shoes but if you think about labor that's all you need someone in the back stock. So amazon may be onto something here when it comes to close same thing. With with jeans. Like levi's i know my size most of the times for certain series of levi's betty go and you know you buy stuff online all the time and again is like it's too tight. It's to to short or i. Why can't companies get the sizing right that. That's what i want to know why this wh year we at twenty twenty one right. Most of the stuff is designed by computers now anyway we should have the measurements in sizes exact. It shouldn't run different from company to company. I know different ways different. Legs sizes all that stuff in seem. Yes i know. I know what my in seem is for. And what length pants i need. Get it done. Dell ceo michael dell wants love big ticket acquisitions but not anymore dell's ruled out major takeover some feature on insists focus on partnerships or product offerings. He said during analysis presentation livestream on thursday. So they've spent a bunch of money over the years billions of dollars buying things. Some failed some successful. Some weren't they say we're not doing that no more were doing partnerships so interesting That they're making that business. Move a lot of these. Big big deals. Don't end up so well you know. Look at look at the purchase of yahoo and you know.

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