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Was reported by michelle mcphee in various interviews one detail one detail left out who is the guy enrich doesn't care he doesn't care who the guy is his in care that hanley ramirez is is not named never lawyer who was not named either says they're worried about his safety but again there are lots of guys and i got a list of forty five of them in front of me busted for trafficking and all the names are all reveal why would rich doesn't understand one detail is he's he's ratting people out yeah so the guy who's running people out hanley ramirez friend and you don't think that might be an issue for hanley ramirez i think would rich doesn't quite understand maybe and you probably didn't do a good enough job articulating so is it's fine is that we don't actually care what the man's name is what's interesting is why he's not being named what's interesting i don't care what we want is we look whatever his name is fine that's why aren't they telling us his name is what matters and why the lawyer saying it's not that we want the guy's name because we're should okay boy he put these letters together makes a name we don't actually care what his name is where it should why unless i'm wrong it's very curious why aren't able why his name is not included every time you seen arrest rains interesting is quiet leonard that's what i'm saying but the globe wrote a story michelle mcphee hasn't touched it but what i'm saying like a story leaves article written here and it's not just a quick tweet usually when there's these these big stories yeah there tweeted out but then there's like a link to it and then there's a lot more information this was just sort of a stay tuned globe kind of picked it up again with a couple of days later but whatever the globe liberato did rich seem good question because you know what's going on i don't care right that's okay so he's not curious can't make some of us not curious curious can't either i'll admit i don't care about we're john vars goes i don't care no i know most people don't know i know that but so i i don't care about that enrich doesn't care about this is it a stretch to think that maybe if hanley ramirez is somehow involved and the guy said the box full of belongs to hanley that's what he said that guy is now cooperating with authorities because you know the guy what do you think that's big of a deal as long as he didn't have his hands on drugs or piles of cash that he got from these drug deals or anything like that haley didn't do anything wrong to the texture who says tax dale forget the texter you partner just said the fact that hanley ramirez nosy major federal dealer jerry tell me something really doesn't matter are we something really important jerk doesn't matter henry knows a major fennel dealer kirk well to the texture of the five away who says to the texture who says hey dale how do you know that that person is snitching what's his answer what's your source how about a little common sense here the attorney said he didn't want the guy named because of safety concerns the us attorney's office tells michele mcphee we don't want him name because of safety concerns the us attorney then asks the court to seal the records because of safety concerns it isn't that hard to figure out is it i don't think so isn't it fairly pretty i think it's pretty clear why they don't want his name out there doesn't help move the story along really doesn't help move the story along what again hanley ramirez friend and i'm gonna say close friend because i don't know anybody and i don't have many friends who would facetime me whatever time of night from the side of the highway i would answer i would talk i would say oh yeah that box go ahead and open an officer i mean he knows him i don't think that's that big of a deal and rich keefe doesn't think it's a big deal i say throw the guardian how many times so that stupid text line out so the glenn norway's jerry callans country do a show so rich keefe says that in that pay attention would you please please says for texture of.

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