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Indicated that I'm going to prepare going to support the national emergency declaration Senator Mitch McConnell, but those lines. Are not necessarily along party lines in a press. Release Republican congresswoman, Cathy McMorris. Rogers says quote, I do not support this decision because declaring a national emergency sets a very dangerous precedent that undermines our constitutional separation of powers, and quote, Senator Patty Murray, and other Democrats say the same thing. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. A measure seeking to change curriculum for mandated sex education in public schools is drawing heated debate. Superintendent Chris reykdal supports the Bill to require districts to teach the curriculum, which includes discussion of gender identity in elementary school districts like all other content areas with age, appropriate information grade level standards Xiao teach this and we empower parents to make the choice to opt out Sharon haynick question. The need for curriculum change is something broken. Because when I look at the statistics on pregnancy on Washington, we've heard before that whatever's going on right now in the state of Washington is. Working the committee will vote on whether to send the Bill to the full Senate in the coming weeks. A new study by the university of Washington may confirm what some people believe is driving our regions homeless crisis. Researchers found since two thousand the state has lost over ninety thousand affordable rental units due to either increase rent or demolition one in fifty five. And our state have also been addicted study authors believe this combination is fueling the story. Number of people who have no permanent place to call home. That's come as Ryan Yamamoto a Bill to protect hotel workers and other vulnerable employees who often work alone added nine passed out of the state Senate yesterday, Senator Karen Kaiser, co sponsor of the legislation to require employers to adopt sexual harassment policies and training for supervisors this Bill protects them from retaliation and assault and harassment. It also provides for an electron ick panic button for those in isolated. Situations as you passed out of the Senate unanimously now heads to the house the rail safety discussion once again taking center stage at the state capital. Komo's Bill O'neil with more discussion focusing on uniform leave policies. Minimum crew sizes and mandatory rest for yard masters. Stayed wrote me a Gregson says that all makes sense. I think we all know why we need to do this. We want to make sure that when we have people who are in charge of supervising, all these different activities. The last thing we want them to be tired and fatigued. There are critics though Union Pacific's. Aaron hunt says much of this is already covered through collective bargaining railroads cannot force unions too. Making changes regarding criticized policy of without a negotiated agreement. Meaning those workers would have a final say when it comes to any policy changes Bill O'neil, KOMO news. It's not anything you ever want to see in a fly to passenger trying to force his way into the cockpit had happened last night on a compass. Airlines flight from Seattle to LA witnesses told police the man tried several times to get into the cockpit until passengers and crew held him down. So pilots could divert the plane to Portland there. The man was taken into custody by the FBI says he could face federal charges of Portland says the flight did continue onto LA. Komo news time is three ten time. Now for sports from the Harley exterior sports desk. Got the Thursday night doghouse coming your way this evening right here on your home of the huskies, KOMO news. All things a U dub sports, including the rival basketball games. Coming up this Friday and Saturday, husky baseball has got a season opener on the way huskies on their way to the NFL combine all kinds of good stuff with Bill Swartz seventy. O'clock tonight right here on companies top twenty five college action tonight two teams on the court, including number three guns ag- at Loyola Marymount zags have just been dominant through their west coast conference portion of their schedule number nine Houston plays at uconn rain today for the Mariners in Peoria their first spring game one week from today against the Oakland A's same team. They'll open the regular season against in Tokyo. More sports coming your way in thirty minutes. The White House confirming the budget and border wall compromises a done deal, but still not enough for President Trump. So he'll sign the Bill and then declare a national emergency. The news came first from Senate majority leader.

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