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Six six five five one nine nine three three four you guys who don't know me i'm joe locke it sitting there for scott beason and we're going to pick up on is getting dark outside right now about lust for everybody almost so make sure you take your umbrellas about forty percent chance of rain we're gonna keep you guys up to date throughout the day of what's going on with the weather last night at my home we didn't get any bad weather but i hear that a lot of folks around alabama did get some bad weather so hopefully you guys can get that cleared up and insurance policies and all that stuff clear 'cause that he'll i've seen some pictures last night and it just seems like those that held last night was not joking around and at jacksonville college state college the whole roof is torn off and they got some serious damage going on up there also the shooting we got some updates on that we're gonna be getting into that here in the show today and talk a little bit about donald trump and the administration and where that's going and all that good stuff so you guys wanna give us a call is eight six six five five one nine nine three three let me jump out to the phone lines real quick because i see one idea friends is here mc talk to my good friend bob you lock dance has got beaten show well that's in that kind of thing to say about me that i'm a dear friend the same way my brother yes sir hey if you haven't seen it changing the subject a little bit apparently the illinois legislature has passed new gun laws and a new gun law says that if you're under twenty one and you can't own a quote unquote assault weapon and if you get caught with one they confiscated and it's considered the first one's a misdemeanor the second one's a felony and you go to jail that log bump stocks triggered grinders and the two to gras is they have imposed another thousand dollars on federal firearms license on on gun dealers and stuff so it's really interesting that the l eleanor democratic legislature is already jumped in the middle all the gun ban stuff oh man i thought i'd pass that on and.

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