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Oh, you happy. Jim. Good. Long. Jay. Bill, roy. Man, so hard. I saw. Good times. Wronging che. View. More music more variety. Four three my FM. Feel. Komo. Falls? Black. All. Music more variety. FM? Go know lies start each other's fires. We just know that we'll be all right. Even though the because we both heavy body widow ones they wanna be. And. You can never come too close. I'm making. Style. Car. Bob. You don't say. When you were. Thanks. And. More music more variety for three. Daddy. Such fragile. I am. Rate. Thank you. And now. And you've got. I need. Hey, good morning chilly wage shout. Matt Britney in Woodland Hills. Happy Saturday Britney keeps spitting your Saturday with one four three my FM because I'm about to get on your request for grind Bates, breathing while you're waiting around for don't forget to head to our website and get your vote in for our my FM five thousand dollar girl. Scout cookie by Valentine in the morning is looking to five thousand dollars worth of cookies from one lucky troop and help us out by getting your voting. And once we choose a winter all cookies are getting donated to the USO so vote now at what point three FM dot com slash cookies. Don't.

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