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The title always close yeah like do japan that's their ways so they're like okay we're going to these guys when ill it's him jerko like okay we're going to give them their time it's going to be coleman because the title still a title match our wages it's a whole different place like you're a whole different climate regardless of what you think it's still wrestlemania weekend people are still conditioned by the wwe again just felt weird booking as i was watching i was like this is really strange booking because mardi just lost in japan and he's about to lose again i didn't understand yeah punishment martinez versus she thought was too short it was we didn't get enough and this this ring of honor show was long at oh yet but i feel like they cut that one out at the knees they do for time but you know ultimately are always built around the continuation of the the bully club drama and i'm fine with this i'm fine with the young books accidents super kicking kenny cody sane it was for him we really don't know we don't know what the swerve is now yeah but keep playing that out they'll figure this thing out i'm fine with ring of honor supercar on the show it was good it wasn't great and then the best show that weekend that i saw an exceed takeover again does it again yeah they they don't get it wrong they really don't ember moon match was a little weird i don't know where we go shane bazars the champion don't lakers champ i said it's a thousand times i i like her but i feel like she's got more developing it's weird certain kids certain talents rushed into the titles picture and so much talent these rosters it's like certain people can take your time where you can take your time with shayna could've but not now she just gets chased by mrs gargano and it's on because you have to automate baby face or.

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