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Burned at junior broadcasting live from dallas texas on iheart media as well as kmt in southern california on abc news. Talk we have a very special guest. Today it is serena. Poon serena is a leading chef nutritionist and ray master to the hollywood elite her passion for healing and wellness programs began when creating nutritional menus for the likes of jerry. Brooke abrek heimer sean. P diddy combs and kerry washington serena's designed her own approach to health and wellness or culinary alchemy as she likes to call it combining functional and spiritual nutrition while integrating how food affects our on a psychological and physical level. Serena is a certified ak master with quantum touch healing and a member of the international association of ak professionals. I guess is how you pronounce it. serena i always have trouble with that word but serena is a has a degree from uc berkeley and is a graduate of the likud on blues most intense and comprehensive program grand diploma. She is also the founder of just add water nutrient foods and supplements serena loves a lifestyle. Brand and serena loves tv. Her website is serena loves dot com or on instagram. At chefs serena poon such an honor and a pleasure serena. Welcome to one life radio. Hi there thank you so much. I'm so grateful to this issue in. Thank you for the beautiful introduction. Oh you're welcome and it's an honor to have you on the show. And i think this is a topic so many people are intrigued by you. Know and don't quite understand so hopefully by the end of the show they'll have a better understanding and so but we're talking about food to and what is culinary so how do so many people have so many issues with food. Why is that. Well you know. I think that especially given the year is a great example. You know when so many things are sort of out of our control The and and when we're when we're taken outside of our country jones one of the first things we do for is food because there's an association with all of our senses when it comes to see taste touch smell and obviously visuals. The sites and so we don't realize is that food and specifically comfort foods. Really take back in place where You know there's really positive loving Nourishing memories that are often associated with it and it also something that's very easily accessible It's tangible and it kind of gives us a sense of instant gratification. The whether or not you know having something that you mommy obama made you and and having association of comfort with that or just something that immediately satisfy your senses And i think that People kind of have this perspective. Then they don't realize how nourishing that can be a really positive way It's kind of taken in the either way. We're reaching for sugars and things like that to kind of get high but when you have a really when you have a better understanding of food and the nutrients incident what is actually doing through your body. You can really use suiting. The waiver looking nourishing thing you know and and it's something that you don't have an issue with where you go to find healing Will you know when you think of alchemy. You think of you know a magical process of transformation creation or a combination of both and i think of a a a a sponsor that we had about a year ago karma baker out of california Fantastic little company and anyway they you know their thing was that they believe that you can transfer the love that you feel and spiritually through through vibration into the food. Can we talk about that. I love that you a hundred percent can so you know everything carries a frequency and vibration. You know whether or not your religious or spiritual you know that everything is energy and so students an absolutely carry a frequency. When you're you're. I talk a lot about eating grounding food. Especially if you're feeling anxious stressed or Ungrounded the that comes from the carriers vibration of the earth. And so when you're and when you're and we're all energetic being so when you're infusing food with that love and that mindfulness energy actually translates any put that back into your body and you give that to the people that you love and you know. It's not really often that secret ingredients. You know we'd say there's there's that france has love is a secret ingredient but it is because of that energetic vibration the frequency of love. No i love that. You haven't bakery as a slump there. That's cool and that's very much in line with my practice. My practice of culinary alchemy. Which is really where i teach people energy and the thoughts and intentions that you put into your food directly affected that vibration of the foods. Would you back into your body. How your body receives it. I love i love talking about this and you know i have always loved to cook and it's my love language. Actually you know one of the knowing that when i couldn't people It's because i love them. And i wanna take care of them and that that that that love that vibration. Whatever you wanna call it. I i do feel. I put it into the food with along with with good ingredients and everything else but love at the at the top of the list. But you know. So when did you start to correlate nutrition with the physical and mental well-being. Well i mean i you know i. I started my journey. Both my parents had cancer and yeah it was it was. I was still young. You know i was in college. Actually my daddy was diagnosed and he was advanced stage for Right away he was in his forties Late forties and he was with us for a little over a year and he lost that battle With cancer and then a couple of months later are mom are diagnosed and she was like forty five. He's still with us and she great and thriving and you know when you're when you're kind of in that space you're very much just kind of looking at the physical bodies. We both western and eastern medicine. So he went through the treatments. And we're using sued really. Just just eat the body. Food can also heal the body. So but that's when. I started to dive into the different types of interest in holistic nutrition eastern philosophies vetted philosophies into these plants an herbs to try to understand hiking how we use it to help my daddy and then after after he passed. I just realized that there's so many people out there that were in our petition. The didn't know didn't know more. You know than have a deep knowledge or awareness of nutrition. And what's in the food that can actually help you know you're not just your physical body but also helps with your gut and your gut. There's such a connection between your gut and your brain and how what you put into your body what you eat that food that those nutrients actually affect your mental acuity factor. Mood as extra wholeness. So you know. We've always kind of erasing all averages. You're eating food because need to have is the not realizing that what you eating directly affects how you feel. It affects your systems. And it's in my practice. You know it also affects your energy centers as well just kind of constantly. Keep you align and balance and supported Well your website is amazing Everyone i encourage you to check it out. It's serena loves dot com and you have a really cool product on their. Just add water. I want to hear about it But i'm enjoying this conversation so much and of course i would like.

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