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John and Ken show. John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI AM, six forty. Where are we with this? This chase. We've got a guy and a silver gray SUV. He's wanted for assault on an officer. He's considered armed and dangerous. And he's on the sixty westbound exit twenty six diamond bar boulevard. About a tenth of a mile from that he's going to sixty five miles an hour down the middle lane of the freeway, and he's got plenty of clear sailing ahead of them east crossing near the fifty seven freeway now. At that intersection of the of the two highways, and you know, he's got the police. Chase him. This has been going on for a while. All right. Cans away. First thing. We'll do we got a lot to do this area. Two rounds of the moist line. There's a there's new congresswoman I don't really get care about individual. I mean, there's nothing more impotent than a single congress person, especially someone new and they're not even in charge of a committee. This is all this media nonsense about the diversity of the new class. What does it matter? I have no interest in carrying about somebody's race or religion or their or their gender either. They're intelligent. They're going to do things that make life better. Or they're an idiot. They are they got some mental disorder. Well, we got a new we got a woman here with a mental disorder. Her name is and I don't know how to pronounce this, exactly. Rush Shida to Labe T L A I B of Michigan. So I she got a whole rat a publicity because she was taking the oath of office on a Koran supposedly Thomas Jefferson's Koran. You don't even have to take the oath of office on a religious book. You don't have to do it on the bible or the Koran or anything? So I I don't know why that's a story. I don't know why anybody would possibly care what she was taking her Othon. But then after that little spurt of publicity, they caught her on video at some kind of a rally, and she started going off on Trump. Let's play Clinton number one. People love you. And you win. When your son looks and says, look, you won bullies don't win. Maybe they talk. There. Did we get that?.

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