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Will mollify you we're live from the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studios millions of Americans find it's the homes of their dreams of their help and they can help you to rocket mortgage push button get mortgage just before I go back to your calls most importantly Ryan Newman is in a hospital at Halifax Medical Center near Daytona his injuries are not considered life threatening which is a huge relief now we don't know the extent of his injuries yet because nothing else has been released only this one statement that we're getting from NASCAR for Roush racing which is this team as well as from his official Twitter account but Halifax Medical Center he's still being treated he's listed in serious condition he's stable doctors have said his injuries are not life threatening and that's all we know they could be very serious injuries and they could be extensive injuries but at this point there's no reason to speculate will wait until we get more but the good news is that he's going to survive this as brutal and scary at the crash looked on that final turn at Daytona Ryan Newman was able to get out of that car and he will survive his injuries are not life threatening eight five five two one two four two two seven tad is in Alabama welcome to after hours CBS sports radio you say ten I did welcome to the show Hey are what will help me I've been listening to your.

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