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There is no deal yet and democrats are against block grants that were in the last version of an obamacare repeal on north korea who refused to clarify his calm before the storm comment earlier this week it was asked about a tweet today on the one thing that would work with north korea all the reports the chief of staff general john kelly is on a happy president trump says kelly tells him he loves the job more than anything he's ever done mr trump now on his way to republican fundraiser in north carolina outer rain bands of hurricane nate or hitting the coast of mississippi in alabama the category one storms potential again stronger as it moves over the coast later tonight forecasters say chuck's iverson abc news stay connected stay informed this good afternoon from the komo twenty four hour news center i'm jeff pohjola here's what we're following threetime grammy winner nelly has been arrested here in washington state down in auburn accused of assaulting a woman now the woman accuses the rapper whose real name is cornell haines of raping her on his tour bus now hours before the alleged assault nelly posted a video to facebook asking his fans to come fine him to win tickets were these in the parking lot of a local walmart where the incident allegedly took place police arrested in early this morning however nilis attorney calls the allegations completely fabricated president trump not offering any clarification on his cryptic comments that he made to reporters earlier this week possibly referring to coming military action abc's gloria riviera has the story might has as yet to fully explained the president's cryptic comments last week regarding a calm before the storm that is how he referenced his meeting with tottenham lataria leaders at the white house abc news the president and the press secretary to clarify these comments come amid escalating tensions with north korea and the administration's expected decertification nuclear deal with iran lawyer are abc news washington deputies were questioning two teenagers about a brush fire that threaten the neighborhood and graham investigators say the fourteen and fifteen year olds have not been arrested but they do live near the spot where the fire started yesterday afternoon flames came dangerously close to some houses matthew garcia evacuated erin and firing gave the fire another brush fire is out today rain overnight help with some of the hot spots families who evacuated are now back home a long time at seattle sports radio talk.

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