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When we actually have some Breaking news here. The Jared is going to fill us in on good news if you're having a cross day It does not have a blue check Mark so I cannot verify. Hey, I don't have a blue check Mark, and I'm Israel's They come, my brother, So there was a press release sent out from Twitter handle. At the Oval Apophis, which eyes the official account of notice and codus. Which would be Dog of the U. S. And Cat of the U. S. So this is all things If I have to say this pecked. I know I've said before that I don't care that I don't have a blue check Mark, and I don't Okay, I really don't care. Don't lose sleep over it. Don't write emails to Twitter anymore about it. I've let it go. But if Pappas gets a blue check I'm going to be upset. It was a statement from the first dogs, champ and Major Biden. Oh, no, it opens with 45 Wolfs. And then they translate from canine. We love it here at the White House. All the humans are pitting us and giving us Nam Nam's Earlier we took a nap on the couch in the Oval Apophis. Our new workplace are scheduled for tomorrow includes an in depth examination of the West Wing and multiple digging sessions in the Rose Garden to be fair to expedite renovations to return it to its former glory. Take that, Melania. To be fair. I added the take that one that is more transparent and more information that we've gotten out of Joe Biden so far, so for that I gotta give him props. Oh, I think Joe Biden President Joe Biden speaking right now we're gonna take some of that live 1 11 Latino Americans is out of work today. One in seven households in America, about one and four black.

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