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Welcome into the vertical podcast with woge powered by digital media i'm here in salt lake city visiting with quin snyder in a rare extended interview with the coach of the utah jazz after a fifty one victory regular season and a sevengame playoff series win over the los angeles clippers snyder continues to evolve into one of the most respected coaches in the league for quin snyder and general manager denis lindsay the next step in this jazz transformation is unmistakable convincing allstar forward gordon hayward to pass on the likes of boston in miami in summer free agency and sign a long term extension to stay with utah snyder talks about coaching hayward the possibilities of future together and also looks back in what's been a winding journey from a fall from grace of missouri the finding himself in the nba's developmental league to rebuilding his career as an nba assistant coach snyder opened up publicly for the first time in years so here's my visit with quin snyder coach at the utah jazz parents salt lake city with jazz coach quin snyder quinn argument from doing good thank you your season ends quinn i know you have not gotten away it's hard to get away in this job even the offseason you've got a young family you decided this after the warriors series to get away central america i know you're back in the office now how long had it been since you packed up the family liked at the end of the year and headed out.

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