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Later house up delayed. We can't hear ourselves in here. Hold on. I've heard delay. We can't hear selves. Let's see here. Okay. We can't hear ourselves. But I guess. We can hear ourselves delayed here. That is strange. Okay. We're. That ain't gonna work. Let's take this off. I it's a delay. Coming back in. It's about a five second delay. Okay. I'm gonna play that. You can try it. Where we are good to be with you this Saturday, and we're having a little bit of technical issues that we did not expect, but we're working through it. And we hope y'all are having a great warm Saturday, and it's a beautiful day. So we're going to talk today about reasons to remodel. And as always we get started with a lame contractor of the week. And boy is this one that we really need to beware of. So this is this is one and hopefully he's not around anymore. Awhile back, this this guy, this this this person posted a detailed. Situation. And in the meantime, we want to mention our call now that numbers for you is seven three seven twelve hundred or one eight hundred three eight three w away. So again, seven three seven twelve hundred Morgan I are happy to be with you this Saturday, and we're talking about a lame contractor Robert Bob Gonzalez of pleasant renovation remodeling. And. Yeah. That's what it is. Sorry. We'll see if your microphones working too. But. Okay. Take it off. You gotta oh you can hear yourself working. It works. Okay. So we are going to go ahead with this one. And it was it was months after starting when Bob was barely done with half of the work on the property and finished three quarters of the other person's home that they knew each other was a colleague and most of the the simple stuff was done. And some things has really done weird. And they started finding out it was basically a fire trap. And they kept pushing this person to finish it up months later. They wouldn't finish up the project and. At that point. There were a number of burglaries in the area of these properties that he was working on immediately before he disappeared from the job permanently. The appliances were removed at the at properties and broken into no signs of forced entry and a loss of really valuable materials. So basically left with ten thousand dollars worth of work not finished and had to be put out to finish the work and approximately fifteen thousand on the next project that had to be done to compensate for it. And after each time the property was broken into. There was a loss of appliances a loss of air conditioning. Go components, granite countertops. And variety of other building materials was left was stolen and is found out. He'd use a fake address. And. Didn't didn't own the property that he said he owned and so two expired contractor's licenses that were mentioned on the letterhead of his estimates. Any actually had no no current licenses. So again, stay away from Robert Bob Gonzalez pleasant renovation and remodeling. And of course, that's a very common name Bob Gonzalez, Robert Gonzales, but in San Antonio anyway, but you'd wanna make sure it's not this guy. If you have a having a relationship with this person, it can be very dangerous to to start a relationship with a contractor, you know, little about and even those who seem to have a lot of proof do not always measure up, and there's just way more of them that are doing something. Completely. Off off of honesty.

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