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The way to the east coast come Sunday at the end of the holiday weekend at least to our lines have already issued travel waivers for the Denver area it's been a shake up at the Pentagon were navy secretary Richard Spencer was forced out by the secretary of defense mark esper over Spencer's handling of the war crimes case involving navy seal Eddie Gallagher ABC's Adrian banker has the story defense secretary esper says he fired Spencer for going around him in dealing with the Gallagher issue as for says he quote lost trust and confidence in him regarding his lack of candor over conversations with the White House senator Chuck Schumer says Spencer got a raw deal I believe he did the right thing he should be proud good order morale and discipline in the armed services have to transcend politics and Spencer street Gallagher will now retire November thirtieth with the tried and pain that identifies him as a seal former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg made it official Sunday he is running for president as a Democrat big gains for pro democracy candidates in Hong Kong's district elections amid record turnout despite the unrest there which election officials said because challenges pope Francis in Japan start of a mass for fifty thousand people at the Tokyo Dome you're listening to ABC news five two five oh two it news radio six ten WTVN traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tends mornings and afternoons on news radio six ten WTVN here's Johnny hill we're going to start your Monday morning not much happening coming into and through downtown roads are are dry as well we're going to find the morning drive in little bit easier this week I come Wednesday that'll change as we get the the day before thanksgiving some construction for later on this morning seventy one northbound exit to Greenlawn will close nine until three today until I am tomorrow for more work on the south side making fix traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens power by temp starring custom airborne traffic you can trust coming up in just minutes I'm John Hill newsradio six ten WTVN partly sunny today we'll see a high near fifty four sunshine expected tomorrow with a high near fifty seven showers likely on Wednesday mostly cloudy throughout the day we'll see an afternoon high hovering around fifty eight it will be windy as well whether powered by the basement Dr it is thirty seven in Sunbury thirty six said your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN five people were killed in a wrong way car crash on Saturday night in Belmont county the state patrol says it happened in the area of brilliant on state route seven a Hyundai accent was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes when it struck a GMC Yukon SUV all three people in the S. U. V. were killed as were two people in the Hyundai police say that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash the body of Donna Harris was found over the weekend in a rural wooded area off of Sherman road in Delaware township of the fifty three year old Harris had not been seen since Wednesday over the weekend Columbus police issued a tweet saying they now consider thirty four year old Justin Eastman I suspect in Harris's death Eastman has a criminal history dating back to two thousand eleven and he may be traveling.

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