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The election even though they were closing down some of that as we've seen in the Flynn case and say there's nothing here for some reason they went right back at it even at the time with the evidentiary support or claim support like the dossier was falling apart and it's it's very hard to understand why they continue to push and even make public intake in testimony that they had an investigation going when it was becoming painfully obvious or should have been obvious to anyone that there was nothing there yes and the no in Seattle the Seattle east police precinct has been entirely boarded up remember when Paul in in Minneapolis the violent mob there's been one arrest in this violent mob attack on the third precinct in Minneapolis which was ordered abandoned by the boys mare up there the boy wonder mare little Timmy and and they abandon the police station and it was burned and sacked and looted and they arrested young white guy with body armor and a police belts and for looting the place but only one that I'm aware of so because you know they withdrew the police well now and then that city was left to the violent mob it's mad Max beyond Thunderdome by Moore M. O. and here's Andy know who's of course been beaten to a pulp by the violent mob that is anti fights on video if you'd like to go see it he by the way is a gay immigrant and a conservative and he's on our side because he's an American and immigrants and and he's on our side these lefties though went to Ivy League colleges that we have that the Princeton grad who became a lawyer and a you know a fancy corporate lawyer in Manhattan with another lawyer pal marauding around New York in a car hurling Molotov cocktails on police cars parked outside the precinct and this is all okay cities are boarded up all over America and here's a handy now here's Eddie no yesterday the Seattle east police precinct has been entirely boarded up traffic in and out of the zone is controlled by the anarchists and communists militants are calling this their commune police are ordered away now this is third world all right welcome to the third world I've been talking about this for years wherever the left goes the third world follows it's like where angels go trouble follows except where Satan goes chaos follows and what's the body count to I I don't have the body count on this but in the news media is not looking into the body count on this but there is a significant body count in the post George Floyd riots which are mostly peaceful and antifa doesn't exist I saw that the New York Times and CNN told me they're mostly peaceful and I am it is it is pretty amazing stuff they are up up up the Portland and Seattle and these crazy places they've taken over the anarchists and the radicals and here the pictures up with their black block stuff and shields and masks it looks like you know what a brave heart they they they couldn't see the movie one too many times I think but when a zone of the city has been taken over by a violent leftwing mobs you think that might be a news story but you'd be wrong and with the mob then takes over city hall in Seattle you think that might be a big news story but you'd be wrong because the press sadly tragically is part of the mob and that's really part of Philly that's a big part of the nightmare in this whole thing just just extra Paul great call thank you very much for your for your contribution and bunny Mellon unity a lot about Barney Miller anymore America has never been so divided more than forty million unemployed and racial tensions are exploding now a new book by David Horowitz exposes the media war on president trump David Horowitz is a leading conservative thinker and blitz rips the lid off the secret agenda to stop president trump blitz even predicted race would become the big issue of twenty twenty now blitz reveals the surprising facts about trump and his plan to fight back you need to get blitz already an Amazon number one bestseller newsmax calls blitz the most important trump book for twenty twenty mark Levin says bliss is indispensable for every conservative and Mike Huckabee says it's president trump's playbook.

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