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And Jamie also looked after me and I looked after him and we got to a place with each other where like, you know, at the time, intimacy coordinators didn't exist. Right. Which like, I don't know what that would have even done, because we had people on set that were consultants like we had this man who was himself a BDSM that was his life. And so he taught us everything. And it was almost like how you would imagine people learning how to sword fight in a movie. But using a riding crop and a flogger, but there's an etiquette to everything and how you hold certain things and what you do with the and it was so interesting to learn. So it became more of like less of like a scary, sexy, weird stuff, and more of like wanting to really get it right for the people that really wanting to respect this type of sexuality and that to me was really cool. And learning about it was really cool. I don't know what it would have been like if someone if a woman was like, or anybody, was there, you know, saying, Dakota is it okay if Jamie touches you here? Jamie and I really had to figure it out for ourselves and really protect each other and then make sure that everyone knew what our plan was. Because it was, it was the kind of thing where it was too vulnerable for other people to dabble in it. Does that make sense? Yeah, and I wonder if you can just set the scene for folks who are trying to picture what it's like making a movie on a lot of movies. You know, there's sort of behind the scenes photos and you'll see there's a zillion people standing behind the camera doing different functions or just hanging around or whatever. Were you guys able to do more of a closed set? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Completely closed set. We would have the camera operator and Sam. Yeah. And like a boom operator in the room. And then, you know, after you get to know everybody, we filmed all three movies in Vancouver. Tony, the sound guy would be like laying on the floor with a boom like this. And we'd just be like, making jokes the whole time. It's like it's uncomfortable for everybody. I think. So the first movie comes out and is a huge, first of all, there's a big promo ahead of that big publicity push, of course, and then it does very well. And I would imagine that you're.

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