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You just like doesn't realize that daniel bay job is actually to help people just going to take a little bit longer for me to fill out the paperwork. So yeah kind of situations situations that they run into. Yeah definitely in so. I'm by and so a lot of those things around female female relationships. Although i'm with a male and hopefully not unsuspecting changing time sitting happy yet i'm not necessarily anticipating a lot of those issues that come across being issues for me personally on especially with nausori. Planning on having children of those issues discussed with an parenting is a female remarkable. I'm not anticipating being a personal issue on. I was fortunate enough in my previous relationship. I didn't face a lot of the things that they faced with people and yet as a woman attracted the women are felt it quite kinley. Those things were initially. It was one reason why. I was really glad to have listened to the book that i wouldn't have necessarily known i was going get from it. And it's something that struck a record with me personally equally a think the straight women as well and men will also get something of a connection with how people put into boxes on the gender rules that people have. And what kind of either you know hypothetically all actually would qualify you to be a mother and things like that yet. Means that i think anyone can find it a very interesting thing to hear about onto. Why didn't you mind people facing yet. This subsections In the book will mean it's an integral part of class case. Story is the is the fact that she's gay. And that there's a little of touching touching and annoying and infuriating and joy filled things that come along the atta and just when auto space where is just another experiences kind of becomes if is its own. Unique challenges lay one thing. That particularly came to me was when she was at the pool and she was talking about how people will say things like. Oh what did think about in all those things. I mean gosh..

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