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Handball and dominating, of course. Yeah. It's a dude. Okay. So let's size alone. Like, my daughter at eight years old, swimming, right? And if she continues to take that path and swim competitively, I looked at my husband last night as I'm reading through the story. And I'm like what will happen? If our daughter is swimming competitively against boys because we're watching some of the high school boys yesterday at the swimming. I'm like, they are powerhouses, right? The girls are too, right? But it's it's different. Right, boys. Bodies are different than girls bodies. It's different. We're biologically different as witnessed by Hannah Mounsey who's not going to be able to do anything about being six two and two hundred twenty pounds. There's not I don't care how much estrogen Hannah decides to take. It's not changing that physique. Parents you better pay attention to this crap. I swear if I were this if I were a girl's mother that a girl watching one of these girls are my girl get the crappy data by this Hannam out. I would be livid. Here's what's amazing. The teammates are not upset about this. No. In fact, it was the the football league. The Australian Football League the af the women's league the AFL w who barred Hannah mousy from entering their league. And so even though she has been able to play like on a local level. They didn't want her to be part of their like, national or international league. And so there was. A big story, and you can watch the video on our website chicks on the right dot com. When you when he interview Hannah Mounsey who is clearly a dude in every way, except for the now have like a Bob and Hannah claims to live as a woman, there was a friend of hers who's a dude who was talking about, you know, feeling very defensive for her because she's in this dress. She will not have surgery. She will not get boobs added on. She will not LOP off her dangles. She's just decided this is as far as I'm going to transition and I wanna play on the women's team. Of course, she wants to play in the women's team. Everybody's by. And this is like the man list. This was the manly, man. And man town like a man he was a man what does that feel like dominate all the women should just go in there. And I mean, I'm sure that feels good just beat the crap out of everybody. Good for you. That's great. This is insane. What a what a feminist think about this? They're so quiet. Yeah. Good of just a good on them. They are they are failing us you're failing women way to go. I mean, I'm glad that you're all championing like free tampons just wondering good for you. You guys stay with us. Totally.

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