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At the Alameda county fairgrounds in Pleasanton January eleventh through the twentieth he is of morning show continues down with Brian Sussman red Sussman for Brian good morning or waiting here the president speak this morning talk about what happened in Iran last night with the rand I should say last night there was a lot of things that happened they started launching missiles at our bases in Iraq normally that would be something that would be alarmed about of course we don't like people shooting missiles at our bases but we also found out throughout the morning that's before rand started doing this they contacted the prime minister of Iraq and told him by the way we're gonna be lobbing some missiles over at those air bases in the and I I in Iraq it would certainly get a shooting at the shooting with the Americans well of course then the Iraqi prime minister calls the White House says I by the way ran just told us they're gonna be shooting some missiles you guys okay great Hey guys member of those plans to get in the bunkers get the bunkers so that's what they did what was amazing if that really happened that that's the reports were getting ready to ship them off like that apparently that warning system that the US government has in place to based out of fort Meade Maryland I also knew that this these missiles were about to hit the based god good as they had like double confirmation so but I just think that's amazing that Iraq's leader would have tipped us off well he probably did off wait if I call the prime minister of there he's not going to call the United States no now is not ideal he does not like them as much as we do know he is yes he is for the cone of silence come on what's really weird in this whole thing is that a Ukrainian airliner seven thirty seven fully loaded carrying almost two hundred people while this was all going on shortly there after this is going on crashed outside of the U. did right after took off got up to about eighty two hundred feet and then then crashed now there is video that we have posted a website KSFO dot com on the blog page showing what appears to be an aircraft with something burning along side of it okay beat an engine via whatever and this plane just slowly slowly slowly heading towards the surface and eventually see a fireball go up it's said to be the airplane no one survived the crash and speculation is now that's maybe some overzealous Iranian soldier thinking wait a second we just launched all these missiles oh my gosh I see an airplane it's got to be a going to be an American plane going to be a fighter plane let me shoot off this surface to air missile service here missile goes off it's trying to find the hottest thing around it sees the engine of this jets boom blows it up this is all one speculation at this point we don't know but it seems to me that being a pilot knowing how pilots are trained an engine fire something you can deal with an engine fires something very simple an engine fire something you train for an engine fire something you bring the plane back to the to the airport you land if it's something like a surface to air missile blowing up next year plan that's a different matter entirely the suddenly it's not just taking out the engine signal a lot of the stuff too because there was one point where the aircraft that but I believe the pilots said they call back their technical problems and then the next thing is they did not hear anything from them and then you have to crash again all this speculation on our part but Iran's not making it any more simple because the black boxes which they've recovered Iran's refusing to turn them over to anyone so so suspicious to me I would hate say guilt by association here but yeah and also on a incoming conspiracy theories left right and center here they come they're they're all over the place morning affecting it throughout the Middle East many publications are saying that's in there there was a missile that shot down this plane and you could see do by news is reporting this right now Iranian missile took down the Ukrainian plane that exploded after take off if this is the case what was going to be a simple spats between the United States Iran has now turned into an international incident because not only were they're a rainy ins aboard the plane there were Swedes there were Germans they were Britain's there are Canadians there Ukrainians there were some Afghans on board as well so now suddenly Iran has managed to take off all those other nations if you just killed their citizens yeah great I great great job there Iran if this is in definitely the case number and we get you have to realize when the flame first crashed the reports that came out from Iran were only was a technical problem the plane had a technical problem how do you know that it just been inspected on Monday right six hundred faction violence to days later all of a sudden and this wasn't a Boeing seven thirty seven MAX by the way seven thirty seven eight hundred these the most solid airplanes out there Ukrainian airline said that this is with the best aircraft they fly and thousands of people every day fly these seven thirty seven eight hundred the most modern version of that aircraft so a lot of suspicion being pointed at Iran because now they've got this on their hands and this is the last thing they needed they've got a terrible economy there people are ready to overthrow the government so the money was the only reason they kept this last insurrection down this is the guy we blew up last week the one who's responsible for murdering so many Americans responsible for maiming so many Americans with the ID is responsible for the deaths of maybe a half a million Syrians what happened last couple weeks ago when there was the unrest in throughout Iran is this guy was responsible for killing almost a thousand Iranians who were heading up the protests they figured out who these people were they went to their houses and said Hey understand you part at low protest thing bang bang bang bang bang kill them in all their family the killer thousand people so the soul of money did this is the way they run things over there you have N. rest and by the way you see all the people over there at their morning Rush Limbaugh is talking about this yesterday they're all morning so the money you know they've got to millions of people in the street correction it's a seminal similar salami whatever means that right right the the process meet so what ex sure you should for the wind all right he's officially general salami that go with the areas we will not refer to that man by his name ever again general salami okay so salami salami baloney general salami was the one that says she struck down that uprising and by the way all the people out in the street mourning him Rush Limbaugh said yesterday the government officials will go to people's doors and say are you going to the more you going to more the general and I know we were going to and the next thing you know that person's head on a platter Hey take them I you we what you're not going a whole album get don't have to worry about you anymore they're they're forcing these people go to these things they're they're bribing them with snacks we we had yesterday that this surprise was supplied forty thousand people with breakfast lunch and snacks so they could go to the schools okay it's a listen to share it absolutely was here you do this you you you get your bread for the day yeah I'm and that's a treat that's just amazing a it's it's kind of humorous and again we're waiting for the president's talking just a little bit Mohammed Zafar southside zero reef he is the Iranian foreign minister don't let him if he had he he was all mad because the U. S. wouldn't give him a visa to come talk to the U. N. security council maybe he needs to testify in front of you and to secure security council because now he's there again guy who's in charge the Iranian foreign minister he had this to say about the Iranians are striking back against the killing of a a general salami here's a cut number half he did not start this process of escalation day United States rage and economic warred against it on the United States has to come to its senses the presence of it on the in people in this okay needs of many cities unprecedented in the history a sea of humanity has to bring to the United States to its senses that if it wants to deal with this people it has to deal with these people based on respect not based on threat and not based on sanctions sorry but we'll keep the sanctions up because we know they're really working at all by the way he tossed missiles at us and you hurt somebody or kill somebody will make it hurt for you interesting to hear what the president's gonna have to say we know he's going to be speaking a little bit let's go to traffic.

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