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Phoenix and in your opinion bay your with john gibson yeah it's john gibson just having this continuing our it's going to go on forever because you can't change that pass and christine italy the how still twenty seven and i love today team my brothers left today team we considered when we're a team where adults get out there and get a job pay ran it your top romine struggle along every so often yes your parents realm and maybe they'll give it to you yeah well you but you are then boyfriend now has been was eight romine like crazy where you were still it your parents how seven saturday night dinner before you win over late at night to see you and yeah i never i've never had robin yeah that's why you can't really represent millennial you don't know the struggle christine to shore up a call when did you move that steve in i had my first apartment at twenty two but the eighteen to twenty two was college correct there were you living away from home for cobb yeah was on campus so yeah i'm pretty much now the how since eighteen can i to say have a different opinion on something you just tommy eight average getting this is smarter not i think that i get the smart way i had to struggle so it's a weird in nineteen about the dry you always is smarter oh and that but i wasn't lazy i worked i came to work every single day in new york city i had a car payment i paid had paid my insurance i mean i eight out was the time i was very spot for my parents home i took care bad daunte when it was smelly ruse brady was for brees i mean i have my mother you know what shores still you know when i was older my my father neither line mode i did that like i was very helpful i'd have to pay brent but it but i joked pretty tatted you know the things children do but i was i was helping i was helping out so and i was sucking away all my money cause i didn't have ranks so the money that i would've been paying towards rent i was putting it in the bank what's wrong with that why is that such a bad thing so you want to me to be dirt.

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