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The fun at eleven forty five on ESPN thousand SPN app. Thanks again, eleven forty five. We play the game today. Yeah. They. Car. That's just teased. No, it's like a foregone conclusion will probably get her. There's a wrinkle to it though, Danny told us in our pre show meeting, which I don't know exactly what the wrinkles, but he's going to announce at eleven forty five whatever whatever my phone is just blaming don't work hard work over here. What's going on? I don't work over here. Whatever you're pulling my game like the working class people as Chicago works hard. All about let him work. I mean, so a friend of mine who used to be a basketball assistant in the NBA. People are missing the point. They're doing their job and two other players and they're competing against players who are fresher. He said, what can they not understand about that? That's the point. And they just my divorce themselves from the amount of money. These guys make or the lifestyle they're living. That's really the issue. Not making excuses for that them. We're not saving the Ford difficult than the other. We're just stating this is day twenty four there's another row that they're working. They're not doing great and their surviving. Advance vote by buddy, Mike says you to last two cars don't know what the hell they're talking about a lot of players are playing and trying are they going up against the best competition in the world for thirty straight days. No, that's what they're being asked to do. It is what it is the money doesn't anything to do with needing rest. That's all I'm telling you all I'm trying to say, I'm not Pooh poohing alleys husband, who drives two hours to his job. God bless. Him for working so hard. I'm just telling you. It's just a fact, but they can't divorce themselves from the millions and the lifestyle. They can't even though the human body can only do so much what I'm gathering from talking to all the callers is that it really does not have anything to do with the millions. And it has more to do what Allie was saying about the time. Where is the average listener of this show has to work forty plus hours? A week has a family to take care of has to go grocery shopping has to cut the lawn has to do the daily chores and tax tasks that a baseball player does not have to do. Nobody's saying that what Anthony results do wrong. That's not true baseball players that they may not take the kids to school every morning, but there's days where anti Rizzo is at the gym locally at nine. Am after playing a game. Okay. We'll alleys husband who just worked. You know, seventeen hours might also be to see kids. The point that the. Is that the baseball players and professional athletes? Don't have to worry about things that people like us have to worry about. I did with that disagree. There are a ton of things with money that you don't have to worry about as someone who doesn't have money. There are things that you have to worry about like like. Each and every month like what you're going to like, Pat, you can't compare the two. Anthony Rizzo doesn't have to worry about living situations or whereas money like it doesn't matter. Let's go to the phones here's rich in Deerfield. Hey ranch. What's up kid? What's up guys? What people aren't understanding is the pressure that these athletes have outside just playing a game they have travel. They've got social media. They've got autographs they've got people going after their money. They've got people trying to get you know, put him in a in an uncomfortable situation. And who knows you know to go after their money. There's so many other pieces of pressure. You got cities that these guys have the pressure on their shoulders of people across the world that root for them. No offense to Allie and Mike Ellie's husband. But I guarantee you their jobs are hard, but people across the world don't care. You know, don't care how they do their job. And these guys have a lot of extra pressure. And that's why they get paid so much money because there's big money involved in they have to be completely focused on the game. And there's a lot of pressure to do that not just oh, they make millions of dollars in their life is easy. There's plenty of players who can't even handle the job that. Retire early because they've gets to them. Rich. Cap you work harder. You work hard. You guys. You're you probably sleep less than most people in a day as well. I mean, people got to realize it's not just about the money lighten up going to get them sicker skin. Thanks, man. Have a good day. Look here's Ramsey on Twitter. Pat cap. These callers are insane. I've worked six days a week including holidays for the last five months. Plus, I go to school on the side haven't taken a vacation eleven years. But to not understand that these players are tired is ridiculous. Please cap. Take off the kid gloves and rip them look. The talk talking politics on the radio. That's like talking religion. You can't win. They cannot separate the money in lifestyle and privilege from the fact that these guys are physically whipped it. It is what it is. It is what it is. It's got to go out and find a way to play through it and win. Somebody's got to come up with a big hit a big spot today that survive in advance mode as well right now started this was somebody today, whether that's Rizzo whether that's Bryant whether that's Victor care teeny. Or whether it's somebody else pinch hitting coming off. The bench has got to come up with a big hit a big spot period. That's it three one two three three two three seven seven six. The owners of southern cut barbecue also have Chicago cut steakhouse, which is one of the great restaurants. 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