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In massachusetts ending up on wanted side and take a look at the lake effect wide out in buffalo bills and the colds nearly playing blind and behind all this a big chill is now on the way for a huge stretch of the country abc senior meteorologist rob marciano starts us off night more than one hundred million americans feeling the effects of this winter blast lake affect snow falling from indiana to new york thunder snow startling west seneca three miles south this seen the bills cold game snow falling updates you inches per hour so thicket times you can barely see the field indiana drivers dealing with wide out conditions slick roads causing hundreds of crashes in the northeast this weekend and connecticut a jack knifed tractor trailer slowing traffic to a crawl this driver careening in an icy pon outside boston swimming to safety through frigid waters tonight the usually mild south still reeling at the height of the winter storm almost three hundred thousand without power face popping allo they never know knowing putney off cruise now working to get everyone back on line along with the warriors villagers red gone but one major school district outside atlanta still in the dark and closed monday and robbed joins us live now rob after all the snow a big chill now on the way yeah we've got a big snap comey tom is still a affects knows are gonna continue tonight so let's take a look at that i is gonna be a a dicey specially south the buffalo north of syracuse he got warnings out till seven am tomorrow and up to twenty inches in spots if not more is possible in another clipper system coming through the great lakes tuesday wednesday is gonna bring some of this call it look at these numbers these are afternoon wind chills as kohl as warm as it's going to field chicago eight to two trees in green bay eight degrees in chicago and detroit and on wednesday similar numbers as it goes to the some of the bigger cities from dc the boston teens for after new wind chill high temperatures that is the coldest air the season top five there and buffalo were they had all that snow right rob thank you next to the west california's thomas fire already more than two hundred seventy square miles that's bigger than chicago and intensifying tonight crossing into santa barbara county wishing across the.

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