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Have a nice trip. Twist Twitter is the missed with though the weird clown from its stalking you. That's what Twitter is really where you're going. But you're going to end up with a stake through your heart. Oh, you fly a lot. Tony. Are you getting on a max eight Boeing seven thirty-seven anytime soon? Are you last two I've done where Airbus's I think three twenty one is what I want to say, I have a friend a oh, a communal friend a man. Our we we all here at the station. Utilize the same. Kalma life coach. We'll call him a life coach consultants. Yes, he was on Amax eight this morning. Oh, really? Max eight this morning, and he's like, listen, if if if we land I'll give you a callback. He said if it's really no joke, and they run the numbers. It's kinda fascinating the 737 line from Boeing has been around for forever to mainstay. It has made them. It has taken sixty one million flights all around the globe. And the accident rate is point two per million flights point too. If you take a look at the last two accidents, it's had in the past five or six months and extrapolated out. The max eight will have four accidents per million, and it's only been five hundred thousand flights right now. Because of just got launched in two thousand seventeen the only airline or the only plane configuration to have more deaths per million flights is the concord. It's a fascinating statistic was eleven and a half. That's pretty frightening eleven and a half per vermillion. So when you take a look at point two versus four when it went in China was first to say, you know, we're going to ground these. Flights. I was like, okay that's China doing a smack around on Boeing US company. But now UK Australia, Germany Singapore. They not only are not flying them. They won't allow them to fly in their airspace. It's okay. To say, let's go back and look at this design and look at the electrical and take a look at some of those things that happen on takeoff different procedures for different parts of the flight and figure out what's going on here because it could be something that is small, but small things overlooked like the challenger would remind us lead to Harz. Did you see what Donald Trump tweeted about airplanes,.

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