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A firm that was working with the trump campaign he said they've already changed their privacy policies and he said that what happened would never happen today that said they're still making sure no apps giving anything away and he said no one should expect perfection here is now there's no guarantee that we get this right this is hard stuff we will make mistakes and they will have consequences and we will need to fix them but what i can guarantee is that if we don't work on this the world isn't moving in this direction by itself and what he means there is that no one else up there is going to connect the world the way facebook can so he's trying to keep this balance between getting everybody excited about the mission of building facebook and bringing the world together which is what he always talks about how did developers respond i spoke with a few of them and some of them have actually lost customers since the whole privacy scandal began one developer pete haas who helps small businesses on facebook so that they can reach the right advertisers said many of them have pulled back and they have a kind of wait and see feeling about the whole thing he's concerned that if there are more controls on privacy it's gonna make it harder to target the users he thinks might buy their products we use facebook as the identity provider of the internet and so that when you log in with facebook you can just do that easily and when when that happens you require you requested and features i just hope that they don't restrict those more and what he means here is that facebook might tighten its privacy controls even war and make it easier for people to opt out in there for harder for them to target the exact customers they want to target in the meantime we know facebook usually rolls out new features at this conference did they do that today yeah i would say the biggest thing is that they're getting in to the dating business if i were match dot com or other dating sites i would be worried what they're doing.

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