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Anthony read a story from american history to me. Amigo gareth reynolds. Who has no idea what the topic will be about. Santo about that part was i was hoping it was one of those things where the spanish would kind of come to me and i don't think that's how languages work i don't think they just come. I will. I will tell you from previous experience that that's not how it works. I just actually went through a situation. Where i was trying to podcast intro and i was thinking that it was gonna come to me and it just wouldn't so yeah it's it's it it truly you gotta and i think this is where everybody especially the kids. You got to put the work in if you're going to get the another language exactly. There's learning is a key. Part of it is what we're both kind of saying. And that's a message from the podcast. That's a united on that. All right. that's just my my understanding of languages as it takes years to learn them. That's what i'm saying. no. I'm saying that we're both so that is the message from the show but just understanding what you did right here was hoping that another language would come to you if you just thought about it and tried it. I think that's gonna be great for our lessons to say. Don't waste your time in that department. This was a very it was a terrible experiment. Joost soy tortuga no tanto and called the jam pouch the forget about guy dave okay gary lennon scary and this is not gonna come to go on a five part could now hit him with. The puppy resent sip. Or that's like about my friend owner gareth..

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