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He order something or you watch a movie she had pizza and beer. And then we watched TV we were like laying on her couch. Right. Then we just began making out and go to the bedroom already. Okay. Let's just go to the best because I was trying to make our her and do other things on the couch. And she's like, no, let's just do it in the bedroom. Okay. And how long did it last? Did you hit it more than once? Eighteen minutes. Oh. How do you know what you like how? Yeah. How do you time doesn't know? Whether it was date two or three, but he knows it was eighteen to tell her son was twenty minutes. Thank you. Everything way, you ran the gamut on the first time, you leave nothing. She says she was sore. Weakest point out again at Hoppy stands ten feet from the. You betcha. Sweet ASI was that to listen to. All right. Scalia. I was going off the rails that I got to pull it back. How many how how long did you wait before you hit it again that nuts? Minutes. Watch one episode of king of the hill. So smooth. So not interested in what happy is heading heading. You're the only one that interested in it is man. All right. I'll listen to me. Talking about the girl that was with you at. Yes. Now, can you envision a better? Okay. Okay. I feel questions. Okay. So happy. She's not overweight. Right. She's not cabbie as she'd Hoppy. Right. It's fun. What does that mean? He got some. But why don't you stay? I'll style. Bring it down to level. Just getting him all worked up. He wants to punch you in the gut. I would never. I wouldn't call. I would 'cause I listened to be. Okay. So I want and I want you to focus on this. So you hit it for twenty minutes. Yeah. Do you? We adjourn to the living room to watch TV. Or do you watch the king episode in the bedroom into bed and the bed? No talking. And then there's talking and then how does the second time does she initiated or do you think a mix of both? I just kind of just started. What? Ten up again. Okay. So is it the same amount of time. The second time maybe half, maybe half. Okay. And is that the only that's the only two times. They're not. Yeah. Okay. And then you and then you have my long drive home from Newport Richie to same p smiling the whole way. S some little Jisi. I listened to hip hop wasn't like NWEA ice cube because he was gangster. Eighteen minutes. He hit it like he was from copter. No drive-by, ladies, listen to you. You have entertain me. But I'm sure you're happy audience. So. Off tampa. Now. Listen, dude, you're living the life. You're out there doing it. Yeah. Literally. Dale good success rate. I can't hate on you. Can. Gioja? I want to hear from.

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