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Dot com or call 8 6 6 25 sleep It's 1138 Traffic and weather on the 8s here's rob stalwart in the WTO traffic center In Virginia on the in lube leaving annandale headed toward Tyson's the crash near route 50 Arlington boulevard has the express lanes block traffic is not being diverted into the main lane so you are stuck as a result in the main lanes as you head toward route 50 Arlington boulevard the right side was blocked but fireboard cleared the scene the activity remains on the right shoulder So the moral of the story do not commit to the express lanes on the in loop as you head past route 50 Arlington boulevard the main lanes is your best source and so you continue toward Tyson's on the inner loop in Virginia no problems being reported on the outlook as you leave McLean headed toward Alexandria eastbound 66 now on the brakes leaving nightly street toward the beltway with traveling to open route one in woodbridge southbound on traffic still diverted to Dale boulevard and rip on boulevard as a result of the crash or you have fallen police direction there Sterling north Sterling boulevard southbound at beach road We had all lanes blocked with traffic diverted northbound Sterling boulevard at last report had a single lane getting by as you head toward beach road No problems reported if you're traveling on the beltway in Maryland through prince George's county in Montgomery county since volume come past New Hampshire avenue toward the ramps to go north on to I 95 in capitol heights two 14 central avenue eastbound between bright seed road and the beltway follow police direction for the crash investigation there 50 westbound near the severn river bridge we had the right lane block for that wreck the traveling across the bay bridge are in decent shape South mountain I 70 east bounded south mountain rest area that was the report of a crash on certain if that is there or not No problems on I 95 speak of you guys are in good shape for now looking pretty smooth If you're in the district sound bound D.C. two 95 delays passing Bros headed toward of course Pennsylvania avenue may have the work set up along the left side of the roadway there North and I two 95 had to pass Malcolm X avenue they have one stop in the roadways to use caution traveling through the location otherwise keep in mind southeast capital street remains closed between RFK stadium in the U.S. capitol for the Capitol Hill classic ten K taking place today One of these biggie bag is just 5 bucks get your choice of a double stacked junior bacon cheeseburger or crispy chicken BLT plus four piece chicken Now get small fries and a small drink all for 5 bucks The price and participation may vary I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Warm and humid today and we could see some strong thunderstorms later on this afternoon highs in the upper 70s to low 80s Tonight mostly.

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