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Washington Street and in Macomb county an accident blocking the left lane of I. ninety four westbound before twelve mile road stop and go traffic from little mac the forecast for the rest of the evening fell to fifty six tonight heavy rain a flood watch until eight PM tomorrow partly sunny skies with a high of sixty eight right now it's fifty nine degrees I'm Dave navy about patriot FM one oh one point five and eight AM fourteen hundred there's a lot going on right now and broadcasters are on the ground covering all of it bringing you the weather the traffic and breaking news all well entertaining you twenty four hours a day someone needs to tell you what's going on around the world and in our hometown and that someone is us we are free radio we are always there we are broadcasters visit we are broadcasters dot com or text radio two five two eight eight six to learn more furnished by anybody in the station my second son he turns for seven ninety six Aussies staggeringly so time can Kington on focus on the family minute time for bedroom you're tired okay you have a choice the pressure deep under don was a go to bed or do you want to spank and he stood there three minutes some like did you hear me goes after the spanking can I stay all children can bring this is priceless and gives a much needed break in life here more from can today at family minute dot org the firm one or one forty five AM M. fourteen hundred patriot let's see yep Max is nineteen C. it's amazing there is Tom a Detroit on the patriot hi John go ahead you know what I keep going back to the you know to consider the source.

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