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Company that was created by a former lock former milwaukee native who has migrated to a warmer climate. And i would say that. We can't say that we blame her. But it's been actually a really nice here. It's been really temperate. So far this november the first one. We've got the valentine roasters coffee subscription so mountain. Roasters is located on the fifty nine block of fleet street west lee street and they have often fueled our our pod. Podcasting sessions our sessions. They're amazing guy. Really good stuff and got the word valentinus. What makes you feel extra lovey. Plus obviously is good and they carry hatched ties can five. I wasn't gonna. I really wanted to put that in here. And so i emailed her. She's like we don't have cards gift card to valentine for yourself. Get a copy subscription. Go over there and get you a hand. I then second if coffee is not your cup of tea last dallas the last year. how before There's a tea shop open. It's called sway t. and s. w. a. y. e. And it is. I believe a veteran owned two ladies. And they have so many different. And they're like cool like we told you about the tea pat for wind and the mugs above. But they have all that stuff there. So if your local to milwaukee i very much earlier to go over there or even go on their website they have some pretty good website. Set up you could buy most of the stuff that they have their. My mom had got. Oh gosh what was it. Elderberry syrup last year. Everybody wanted elderberry. Serve and my mom got their elderberry that they make in house their shows like this one's life changing. It was the only thing that helped her when she had bronchitis all they also have these sandwiches. Yeah i think they were even doing recently. They were doing like a tee for to be more than that long but it was so cute. And i was like oh man. That's really like you know like the little sandwiches but not as not as fancy. You could take out if you want to come. I probably i will be purchasing that for us in the future for great Everyone else we have glass pantry as zero waste star. Yeah i actually by loose loosely. Tea from them as well knife they are. What in the fifth ward. Pretty close to the So you can take. It's it's cool because it's zero way store so they don't have any Like the soap. they have their. You can go and get shampoo. And but you have to bring your own container or they saw containers. But they're like glass wants that you would reuse because the whole pint is cutting down a plastic. They have also partnered with the milwaukee diaper mission. Which is really saw. Helping to provide both disposable diapers and disposable sanitary female sanitary items as well as usable ones to local people. Lucky who can't afford them. Because oh my god. Can you imagine who. They're very cool definitely check. No check him out. They've got some really neat also. Who doesn't want to blake. Use actual spices input. I you know reasonable thing. Yeah that's very tiny thing of all the amazing things that they do and that they have but the good quality yep toiling in very easy way to stop using so much plastic right. Yes next about the medina magazine. Subscription our friends over at medina they have. They just started this year around the same time as us. So we're we're their friend of the podcast and they do. I don't i mean it..

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