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I think I found the book you're talking about. easy to do that well because I'm good. where they found yeah Kimberly McCreight where they follow. I got four stars and it was recommended by Gillian Flynn. blurred where they found her we came out about two three years ago right I got this book from your sister where the phone to her and it was hit by Kimberly and the last name is M. C. C. L. R. E. I. G. H. T. McCreight I mean I I'm going to have to buy this damn book to figure out yep what I have. read a bunch of books and forget about it. could happen to happen to her okay so I thought we knew that I thought it was a known fact that Gillian Anderson was plain Margaret Thatcher in the crown I enter this site yes. Donnie I believe you gave us a story you. news more than anybody Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson she's so great and sex education Scully and you know acceptable by many things well. yes the crown only confirmed yesterday that she will play Margaret Thatcher in the crown season for now in production they just did this on September seventeenth excuse me September seventh couple days ago officially from the crown at Netflix so it was just a rumor did she was playing her. got it made sense you know that that would be good so anyway she's finally official and I will say that the casting. our news becoming official has made Twitter very passionate and by passion I mean most of the viewers want to remind the crown and Gillian Anderson how much they passionately hated. all. we wanted not even have around. he didn't happen how do you ignore Thatcher doing the crown and you're covering you can't there's no way. not to do it no matter how much they could sell it maybe you know anyway they've got a great cast and it could just be there that's funny though it is isn't it yeah I think it's very funny and so anyway people are friendly there like the only exploring beneath the service I want to see with that yours to check she's definitely dead if I were to tackle Thatcher do would violate carried pretend the cow didn't exist. but you know sometimes they have like remember when the guy from dexter played John F. Kennedy nano second in the ground awful yeah I kind of do it was to seniors who even knows if it's a big deal right much to do over I think this would be a pretty big deal yeah yeah if you they have if they can't complain they will well you know because of also Julie Gillian what she said hold on her I'm so excited to be joining the cast and crew of the crown and have the opportunity to portray such a complicated and controversial woman. Thatcher was undoubtedly for mid about is this but I am rather sheen exploring the surface and dare I say falling in love with the icon whether they're loved or despise defined an era so that's it didn't Meryl Streep return. ladies back yeah must Meryl Streep later in the movie. I never said I never sat I never said. it was not so. why because I don't care yeah I mean I want to see all I remember about Margaret Thatcher was I don't write letters and every island said that she was the I was excited because a woman was the prime minister I thought that was the Falklands I think is one of five next we went to war with Argentina something happens within any ready gets right Gillian I am looking forward to falling in love with Margaret Thatcher that is where people decide she gone too far far too strong of wording don't be honest jelly and it's right it'll bite you in the back okay Sir Jimmy Kimmel a couple weeks ago got fined by the FCC two hundred and seventy two thousand dollars for doing a tornado siren or is more morning siren during the broadcast yeah well young Sheldon did that too on an episode of young Sheldon back in April now they got to pay two hundred seventy two thousand Donnie don't play that button I would never be that stupid you know I don't do that their margin CLS people don't understand. I've just press that button he asks and it wasn't a sanction thing then I would be a problem some of you get you get fined yes so they'd written. to the show yeah an episode with a tornado in in young children. yeah that's not okay CBS declined to comment I wonder if they ever played defined for the Superbowl I could wear that every all the media companies were still fighting that I really I don't yeah. sleeve dress the way I wish we had a camera. is right now that she's Queen Elizabeth. Ellen got her groove back yeah really our fate now she's wearing clean it was like she was losing under all when she came in under the. it's a different car is too big for my head and my body but I'm trying to figure out ways to where it is. I didn't do my hair today it needs to be covered by the way that movie are in lady Meryl Streep won the Oscar. yeah. yeah. we're not just like oh great parred lousy moon yeah yes I agree the end there's been a lot of those there have been a lot of those out there are a Johnny posted there as James Corden has revived his penny wise for a new take on the bachelorette and it was titled the bachelor it. and Tyler see Tyler be Tyler age they're I mean they're all people have reset work for James Corden but it was pretty funny when James Gordon because he's comes out is the clown all mine or left it so hard it's it's kind of guy humor but yeah. pretty funny because it's such a great spoof the guys have to do a talent contest what if they make is to a talent contest for project down entered well here's I've been in my thoughts but you we wasted so much time talking about Lori I'm not gonna let you talk about. how much time would raise it does today we have forty five seconds so I. talent contest well what if it was a talent contest hello in team no not even a Halloween themed just what if they made us each do our own. I was waited like center but I did. did she do member in that area from the place I asked someone in the know yesterday and I said with project down and dirty the restaurant being the most fun for them I don't think that was the most fun. every night you did okay but I you too we had so much fun that was fine but I it was a challenge more hi Julia. the fun ones that are way so I see between the restaurant and the musical which was the most work stressful I see where does this one a lot and she said right in the middle okay which is what does that tell you nothing absolutely nothing nothing. so thanks anyway anyway but I kind of like I hope it's not a talent contest I hope nobody into your match well because you know the bachelor and the bachelorette they have them do these things were they have to go and do a talent contest impressed the bachelor the bachelorette well they do these all the time what would your talent be I don't know I mean I have to I.

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