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People see that, oh, this is a place where I can just don't my junk like when I was growing up as our dining room table. If we had clear dining table. It was like people were coming over for dinner that night because it was just a constant mess. And that's the straining to see that an also often important things will get lost. Like, you can't you don't know what you have an important tax a statement that came in and it somewhere under their thought you look for. But it's not there because it got stuck to something. Or you know, I it just it it's draining. And so if you so like, we know it's the kitchen counter, it's the top of the jurors our entry way it's this one little table in in my husband, my bedroom. That's where the stuff is. So I make a special. To get it down. And and it's just it's so dispiriting I went to a friend's house 'cause I'm always trying to beg my friends to help me. Hell let me help them clear clutter 'cause like I get such a contact high from it. And if it's not your stuff, it's so much like there's so much less emotional pain and so much dislike joy to it. So over there, and I'm walking through he's like a very nice one bedroom apartment on the Upper West side. If you know what that kind of thing is and I'm like walking through his bedroom. And I'm like, your the top of your chest of drawers is like a festering sore on my soul. I can't he it's such a mess. Like, it's right in your bedroom. It's just like this mount of junk, there's like everything from dirty Kleenex is to to change to like like, you know, your coat check from a restaurant. You went to to some really important looking invoices. Like, you know, like ceramic duck. It's like, okay, what is going on here? It took like ten. Ten minutes twenty minutes, and he got it down to this shining bare wood with like once one attractive ceramic thing to put his change it. He's like if the days like, I just walked by on just so happy 'cause it's just it's just as there was just more and more stuff. It's like well. Of course, I'm just gonna dump stuff here then clear, and then it's easier so much easier to keep it clear because you're like, I don't need that coach. Let me put it in the Trat white change here. Let me put it might change. You know? Oh, here's this really important Bank statement. Why did I put my desk drawer? So that when I pay my bills, it's right here. I mean, it's just gets easier to maintain it once you once you have established that the clutter you once you take it back to to clear, and it's much easier for those clutter magnets to stay clear Dutch. Okay. So by the way, you making me feel guilty about my ceramic duck collection mcduck, if it's like it's like why ceramic dot here is this like randomly. He's like, I don't know where to put this around. Like, you could put it there. If you wanna keep it there. But. I've ever actually seen. What man wanted to have in his bedroom? Never actually seen a ceramic duck. What about kids how about training kids to actually declutter their their rooms or declare their spaces? Do you ever worked with kids or do you have kids or suggestions for for helping kids keep their stuff clean because my kids room, and my wife, and I are working through this right now. It's kind of a disaster zone. Trying to train them how having an orderly workspace an orderly room helps give you more order in life. You know, I actually I'm taking them through Jordan Peterson's twelve rules for life right now and trying to help them. Learn the win chaos is good. And when chaos is not so good and in in the room cast, typically, not good. But do you have any any tips or practical ideas to to help kids take care of clutter in their spaces? Yeah. We talk about this have a podcast called happier with that. I do with my sister who's very messy, by the way, Elizabeth craft. And we were just talking about this on the happier podcast. Well, part of it is how.

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