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Magic cards on television, which everybody had to have. Everywhere. And then you found out that every other card was ace of hearts. Me now, I know so back in two thousand seven Bill Levin. I hadn't opportunities down and talk to him. And he talked about one gig in particular where he got invited to perform in front of members of the Chicago outfit. Oh, well, I worked in when I was nineteen years old. I worked on Cicero when Cicero was wide open gambling. You name it. I worked in a place called the magic lounge. I went out there. One time to see a magician, and I started to just magic. So they hired me and crossing the street was you know, all the mob guys Sam GIO kinda Yuban. All those guys around the town one night the second night. I'm there behind the bar doing tricks and Georgia guy that runs his Mercer's three guys in the end of the Bargo show Matric. So I walked down there with this birdcage. And I said that a guy in the middle of the birdcage three times a year. So he goes, boom, boom, boom. Hey, I don't see no bird. Tony you see a bird bird? Erred here. Hold the cage, and it disappears. He says word frigging gauge, go. Hey, don't. He looks straight in the eye. And he says, where's that frigging cage? I suppose that's magic. He pulls out a gun. Big gun clicks it back and says where is that frigging cage that cage came back out on my coat faster. A great story story. Also told us this is amazing about the day that the management had to come home and tell him that was dead. Organised crime ran the nightclubs here. I can give you my last story, which is good. I worked there for three years two years for one year for Georgia and then two years for rose one Saturday night places packed everyone leaves two guys walk in. They say you're a magician. Right. We're not you're not working here. No more. Wrong nothing. We're changes into a strict overnight. Pack up all your stuff, and I left the next night a friend of mine's taking a girl out for the first time to come in. And see me at place called the magic lounge he walks and he fist on a bar and all those on bubblegum group from taking off her clothes. She slaps him on. The facial took me to see a stripper. You told me it was going to sing magician. I'm telling you the truth Marshall was here lives. Wow. A wonderful storyteller. Great Marshall Bodine was eighty four. Talk. Kim gourds is brought to.

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