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Be able to see your car's black box data well that search warrant after a fatal crash in twenty fourteen. Henry county police pulled Victor Mobile's car speed ninety seven fifty five from his chargers airbag system, without a search warrant while mobile pleaded guilty and got seven years to serve. He's appealing saying his constitutional right against unreasonable. Search and seizure was violated if law enforcement is investigating the crime. They have to get a warrant, it's a simple as that Sean j young legal director of ACLU Georgia points out, there was no I witness mentioned speed or even skidmarks to jeopardize Mobis expectation of privacy of a police officer decided to barge into your home without your permission and without a warrant, we would be absolutely furious that they would trample on the fourth amendment. But what information are we talking about really will bag it digital? Forensics instructor says cars, log twenty five gigabytes data. Every hour enough to download twenty five movies. It's not just your contact list or your location seatbelts, being connected the initiative, the fuel consumed, the way, the passengers passengers entering passengers leaving devices connected the images on the review cameras, all the data from sensors is store lecarr baggage says we opt into a lot of services that sell us stuff or sell our data term, that's used as catalyst surveillance much of what long car is unreasonable no way for a consumer to white the status short of removing the hard drive itself in you've eliminated the function of most of the modern smart car. Young says they hope to convince George justices that cars computers should be treated like your home computer or your smartphone, which require search warrants to examine the implications of the Georgia supreme court decision is huge. We are talking about so many details in our personal lives being available to the government at the touch of a button. Veronica waters, WSB, high court will hear oral arguments later today. Of course rule. Will come sometime later. We'll get back to you on that. And once again, the man. The center, this case is currently serving a seven year sentence for hitter homicide at the Wheeler, correctional facility WSB news time is six forty nine. WSB's.

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