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Welcome to the functional tennis podcast absolute pleasure to have you on hair on excited to talk to you, so tell me as the tennis go. You're getting a bit of practice in yeah I'm still like practicing, not the as much as I normally do because the. Tournaments still far away, so nobody knows now when the tour, we'll be back so I'm just keeping a seldom level of activity. In just trying to than to be ready wants to talk again and whereabouts Worthy Worthy Inari in clear in the rockies in Italy. We got back from Colorado. May. Also because yeah, we had the babying end of February you know at my parents Mitterrand's. There were like could some pressure. They WANNA see a team so so we came back to Italy. Nice, little baby girl. Yeah, exactly. Her name live ally, be very very nice, and it must be so mason. We just had her first baby nine just nine months ago and it's totally amaze. Has It changed your outlook on life? Yeah, of course. Yeah, it's I mean it's. Completely different experiences and In the end you know with all the problems we had virus and I think I. Think I was anyway likely to stay at least at home with. My wife and my baby for the first three months, so it was also nice to see her growing in everything, so yeah, I'd say that he's actually maze. You guys are travelling most weeks a year and I'm sure at your wife comes with you so makes with every week. So must be great. Tip Your Baby, and you must be getting good at the nappy changes, so yeah, yeah I know. I'm pretty good. I have to. Tell me. WHO DOES WHO does? The night shifts display tap between years. No my wife, she's still. Breastfeeding so anyway, she has to wake up for her about it was just a first first month because she was really tiny so just to point to kill us, so we had to wake her up every three hours to see her, but from the first month on actually. She's sleeping like the whole night so a nine hours so actually. We're pretty pretty lucky with that. That is pretty good. Our guy gets up still. He's up all night. All the time on breastfeeding was great for the first six months and then a change. They'll be putting that I wish all the best with live. That's exciting and quick. We Oh, speak into Rohan, bopanna yesterday and I was like. Oh, it any questions for Andy and you saying when you're in the rockies you're, he goes ask. Trainer was with Scott Davidoff I. Mean He was there coaching I, think the college team for several. Several years, so he he spent some time there also doing the tour, and now just yeah, during the Kobe to he was there for for weekend. catched up, actually you once on breakfast court, so yeah, it was nice seeing him. They're also great. Will I'm sure it Rollin listens to this I'm sure so he'll hear this hair, so you're from. You're from the Dolomites region. In Italy it's close to the Austrian border, and do you consider yourself fully Italian or is there bit of makes a no I would say I mean I consider myself a slightly Italian for sure about the most course. Say let's say I grew up with. With, German, so I ran the like say. Kindergarten elementary school to Germans good, and then actually I did the last five years. In Italian so so yeah, let's say actually my first language. The beginning was German so it's different. And how many languages do you speak now Like German and Italian and English. Let's say I mean I understand the Spanish. And talk a little bit, but speak a little bit but man not-so-good Spanish. Yeah, and what was it like growing up of? It's a mountainous area. It would beat it. Would it be known for its tennis? Players are for Thai level tennis. Of course like it's not like unusual place to play tennis. Let's say they're much more like winter sports here by skiing also and A. Little Bit Navy unusual to to to play on this Mutt. Likes now also Yanic you know is is on tour, so it's already to him in the. Not so many years I is Yannick from your region. Yeah, exactly, yeah, well, WH! When was the first time you actually practiced with Yanic? I saw him I I. I think when he was twelve. Because a good friend of mine like showed me. good so I so him I Kuan then. and I think would fourteen here. Eddie went to the. Tiny sent-off Ricardo potty and I was also there sometimes practicing with my coach so. Yeah I saw him like. Let's say early stages already diddy with the impressive. When you sell a twelve year old, you say this I know it's hard to tell but. Of course I mean you can see already know like share if somebody has some some good strokes or how? How as include I think you come? Tell a little bit, but of course like twice. In here. What you see in a young player be a teenager. Is that really sticks out that you go okay? This guy or girl could be really good in the future Yeah I. I think from the dispensary. The dedication in everything Antao. Somebody wants to improve and how how his listening and I'm trying to do things somebody else Bram, so. How quickly you know, he can do that so I think that's you know that's very important for somebody who? Who wants to learn to be like a good player? They gotTA learn quickly and not make the mistakes again and keep keep. Going and going Oh, come back to your from that mountainous area in Italy. How come you decided to relocate over in the rockies? Yeah, it's a good question a lot of. People ask me this question and there's actually no logic. A. Because the I mean Colorado is not the tiny place at all, so there is also altitude. It's like one thousand five hundred meter so. It's a little bit different and. Actually, it was just My Wife. She was some working there. One summer at deranged, because she really likes horse everything, so she was working there I went there a couple of times to visit her, and we had like around three pants. We really liked the place, so we just decided like one. See them through to go out to rent a house for for a month end to to play a little bit. Then see how it is, and then the end we ended up buying a house nine. Author man so yeah, and that was like endo, two thousand seventeen, so yeah, and now I mean during the year. It's anyway difficult to go there because you always on tour, but we always spend the off season there, and then in all sometimes during the the US tournaments like before in your whales or the US, open, sometimes we spend..

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