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I remember like showing up for the mind like in the late nineties when her first album came out, for like, that's not, that's not a woman are. That's not a man. I'm like, yo when I bought the single not knowing I was again, probably before teen years. Supermodel. I bought the first I had no idea that. And it was a chart topping absolute I had no idea that it was a man, no clue. Because on the cover them. It's his beautiful black woman with gigantic white hair Joshua. Skinks sunning looking like Naomi Campbell. Oh, that's a supermodel. Yeah, yeah. But then you're right. She has changed how people view your form. Yeah. Our friend, I should Tyler says that she's mistaken. Rupaul. I'm not roofing on friends. Probably. Alkaline. Evolution though, and then into activism, I just this part made me cry because of his efforts children. With disabilities are able to kayak at summer camp. Parents really live close to their six children while they're hospitalized families who can ever Ford a trip to Disney World have been sent there for free. Women with disadvantages trying to make it in the workforce have a nicer dressing room to try on professional tire. I feel I've said this often having we that we feel like this only way we're gonna take this country back is like one act of kindness at a time, like one sort of, you know, connection with a loved one at a time, mom and brothers still, Fox News, watching Trump voters, but sh my mom, she's ninety six and she just deciding those with Alzheimer's, and I love her. And so, you know, I know some people we just don't really talk politics anymore, but, but it but again, you know, you just think like those are human beings, our friends and our family members that we have to. And it just I just I love the way your your influencing. The dialogue is to I think seventy that's what resonates. When I hear you talking to me that is my story, a, you know, I don't my mother and I really have to avoid talking about politics because she gets so heated in so invested in equally. I get that passion for her, and I understand that. And like it's painful to me to go home at thanksgiving and went to talk and have opening candid conversations about the things that are important to me that I love and it just can't happen is she say things like I see that communist Deo. See likes you. Yeah. Oh, mom that you, you had a call in how sweet. Rather calls little bartender from the. Yeah. Yeah, I mean it's again, it's this condescension that we have to get past the condescension that we're not worth that. They feel like we're not worthy enough, because we come from different stock or different. Ideal. First of all, isn't that the Republican American dream that she's in congress? Now came from nothing data sheet at it. Yeah, that's not isn't that kind of the I used to be the ideal. Yeah. Not any longer know exactly. Tell us about tot Andrew. I feel like we're like Batman superman. Clark Kent thing say because you are not currently in drag. Remind you worry, not rainbow outfit that she wore. Closer wearing a lacy. Andrew or Nina or in Christly. Yes. Came out in the ring. What do you have a partner with you? Lifelike. Alumnae soul. Af single all the. Someone needs to bring yard. The road to butts city near you. Fantastic husband. I mean you know, it's just that's what we're all looking for. Right. Your kindness and gentleness and giant, suite of you say can say to the right person preferrably. Chris hemsworth. Here's who's your who's yours. Dream Chris Evans fan, so Evans. Total liberal, y'all. Oh, yeah. Little hardcore liberal. Liberal with a hard ass. Yeah. Bounce quarters brother. Yes, he does. Yeah. You've got all this question, and it's. And it's America's how about you, Chris Maloney. I met..

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