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Lazy to dig my. Out of my handbag details, whereas I have my pay pal credentials. Memorized valid the more serious reason is with all the hacks and such happening with credit card. Details online and in-person businesses. I would rather not have my debit card numbers. Strewn all over the web that has all the same legal insurance protections as a credit card, the fewer places it is stored at the safer my information. Sincerely, grace, excellent points. Grace. Thank you. Heard that someone else wrote in cheer and told us that he is so fed up with Alta and checking out at Alta that he's thinking about not using that site anymore. I've had problems on that website as well with checkout. I have not shopped online at Ulta in some time. What is the issue with? There's always a mess up. Like, it can never remember something or has problems with the reload. I think there's a tech thing happening underneath that is just not quite working. I don't know maybe that where small percent of larger whole most people don't have problem. But my guess is that other people having problems to but thank you for bringing up those points grace. It's so good to remember this next one is along one. So buckling. It's from an anonymous listener who says hi, ladies I wanted to pass on some advice to your listeners. This is a long story. So feel free to edit L. That's funny. I don't ended a damn thing. I'm reading listening word for word. The letter says last week I left my job after sixteen. In years with the company I worked for an international retailer in their US division in the visual merchandising department. I joined as a visual merchandiser, but spent the last thirteen years as a graphic designer.

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