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The countdown decamp continuous power by MASTERCLASS, were continuing to run through the burning questions surrounding the New England patriots heading in to training camp this season on Sierra goodwill here with Evan Lazar we're GonNa talk better. The Patriots Number One draft pick who? Had some concerns about because he's a D. Two player. He wasn't a big flashy name on everyone's draft board, but he is expected to be have significant contribution in his rookie season, but first we're GONNA. Talk about what that pick in the second round means for Patrick Chung. What are your thoughts on that? We're looking at Patrick Chung season last year, Sierra it was one of his worst in coverage now. Sometimes those things don't necessarily carry over to the next year. Guys were cover guys bounce back, but we look at US statistics last year his highest. Highest career completion percentage into his coverage also allowed over nine yards per reception after allowing only seven yards per reception the year before, so his stats in coverage have dipped as play as just a little bit where that door I think is opening up for the next guy to Kinda. Usher itself in so whether it's Kyle Duggar or Adrian Phillips. Terrence Brooks or one of those other hybrids safety type at the Patriots have stocked up on over the last couple of years despite that contract extension for effort, Patrick Chung excuse me in May. It's still kinda. Looks to me like bill might have the future in mind here with is like Duggar. Guys like Adrian Phillips now under contract without chunk played last season. And we know Bill Belichick doesn't usually throw rookies right into the fire on defense, especially playing big majority of the snaps of dumber is expected to have a significant role on special teams in. We can talk about that as well, but do you think he can carve out a spot for him on his defense year one while it's a good question, I think especially in this off season where there's such a little lead up to the. The, regular season at least planned for right now it's going to be tough for any rookie to get up to speed and get up to speed in order to be contributor in year one. What alone a guy like Duggar? WHO's making the lead from the D.? Two level to the NFL by do think that there are snaps for him to win and I think the main one is probably going after Doron. Harmon snaps as that. That backup free safety the Devin mccourty as a guy that can play over the top and play deep in both single high and too high structures now Douger is not necessarily known for doing things in the box like people might think you know coming up in covering tight ends in covering up coming up and playing in the boxes sort of pseudo linebacker. He actually played more in college in the deep part of the field than he. He did do a nat, so maybe has a little bit more experienced and a little bit more comfortability playing in the deep after the third of the field, let alone playing kind of in the box and being that tight end stopper Alah Patrick. Chung, so that's the quickest way for him. Onto the field as a rookie is taking over for Harmon, instead of taking over for Chongwe because the Patriots do have Chung Phillips they have. Who Turns Brooks who I mentioned earlier have a bunch of veteran players at at sort of Swiss army knife position that Chung glaze, so doug. I think quickest way on the field for him is playing center field by wouldn't be surprised if we see him in that Chung role not too far from now. Yeah, pretty deep, secondary overall for the Patriots this season. Season but as our countdown.

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