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The angels and he had most of his no hitters with the angels and i would assume when he went any go in as a as an angel so whoever wrote this they'd an altar talking about and i caught it i caught it i caught because you said what would he go in as i mean that he did was seen as an angel gaba could because he played the longest with the angels are you have because he learned he probably did the rangers he played a long time but most of his big success like the hitters were with the california angels he was a guy and i used to live right by anaheim stadium and i i became a huge angels fan it was real cheap to go to the game it was like two bucks you could pay to box in sit anywhere you wanted in the upper deck because the angels sucked angels had been a bad team for fifteen years neto since they started in so nobody was going to the games in our and i lived right by the stadium i would walk to the game i didn't have to pay for parking and pay to backs who bucks a grab 8 quarters out of the change jr and go to the angels scapecow to a ton of them in nolan ryan was the only guy i've ever seen could get a standing ovation after warming up in the pregame and walk into the mount he played for the mets in sixty six sixty eight through 71 the angels seventy two through seventy nine he astros eighty to 88 the rangers eighty nine.

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