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We get it to learn more about how I V sedation can change your life Visit no fear. Dentist dot com this morning Otherwise sunny today with a slight chance for storm this afternoon, the high gets to 92 muggy Tonight Low seventies some sunshine with a chance for an afternoon storm tomorrow and a high of 90 degrees. It is 74 degrees right now. News Service of James Free Jewelers. People who have respiratory issues are being advised to limit the time they spent outside today, air quality alerts in effect for the entire tri state for high pollution levels, man said after a shooting in Mount Healthy overnight, police say the victim was found in the clover took apartments just before 10 o'clock victim has not been identified yet No arrests have been made. Professional golfer who was gunned down at a country club in Atlanta has local ties. Jean Sylar was a cold rain high school grad. He was shot on the 10th Hole of Pine Tree Golf Club over the weekend, along with two other men. Police at this point Don't know what prompted the shooting. There have been no rest mate. Remembering Lawrenceburg High School football player 14 year old Brady Gabbert, this time from kidney cancer, classmates and teammates are going to gather tonight at the high school for Memorial Service that will take place. At 6 37 100 WLW SPORTS. Here's the Reds Update A U. N. E O Suarez. It's a tie breaking three run homer in the seventh inning as the Reds knock off the Royals last night in Kansas City 622 at Cincinnati's fifth win in a row. Nick Castano's had tied the game with at 22 with a solo shot. Suarez comes up and hits the game tying three run homer. Rick Game two tonight 6 10 with sports talking 7 10 with the Arno carriers inside pitch. Chelsea Chevrolet Extra inning show after the game NHL game for the Stanley Cup finals last night. Montreal got by Tampa Bay in overtime 322 Lightning up there. Three games to one. Game five in Tampa tomorrow night. NBA Finals Game one tonight. Milwaukee in Phoenix, build Anderson 700 WLW Sports. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to your Nana. But she'd probably just tell you how she insured her couch from stains by covering it with plastic or you could talk to your local guide. Co agent. They'll give you a different kind of warm and fuzzy with personalized assistance for all your insurance.

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