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Is the cove in nineteen call center for the New Mexico office of superintendent of insurance once again his name is Russell toll very nice man very open and eager to help eight three three four one five zero five six six also the department workforce solutions eager to help has some questions I forwarded to the cabinet secretary you can imagine how busy he is along with Maria Herrera last night I said in the emails all right he responded to the person people who sent me the emails I said do not expect an immediate answer but they got immediate answers so if you need help if you are hung up somehow with your application for the pandemic cure for self employed artist gig worker all of that if you're hung up in the entire process semi specifics all for those along to the secretary Maria Herrera and they will help as quickly and as much as they can if they ask for information please provide it if they want to call you please provide it they don't want to spy on you they want to help you they want to get you your money you can email me Richard at Santa Fe dot com we will certainly get to what happened last night with the midtown campus did you watch it did you listen we'll give you the final on that date and as expected it was the development company out of Dallas no no big mystery there but some interesting details coming out of that and and very extensive email.

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