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Right, Carl, okay okay, you know, a man's gotta know his limits, all right. So if you get a talk about how embarrassing the Olympic team was, maybe you should remember that that tape lives forever that and your first pitch, but I won't even throw that, I want only show you first pitch cuz that Rivals. Baba Booey says, the worst first pitch in the history of Major League Baseball. but anyway, I mean, please. So today we have a very, very, very big show. A very big shoe we have, do you know, but dollar, we have Bruno, Amato candidate who's trying to unseat that dick. Head known as Kevin McCarthy and then we, of course, we have Army, Major Richard Ojeda. Let's see, let's see where we are here. I know I saw some just in case there is he mentions it worse? First pitch, Baba, Booey, or Carl, Lewis. Dead Baba Booey by for Bob bully. Throw it into right field. I mean, it was like ten feet off the plate and literally I think he knocked the kids ice cream with the cone. And by the way, like you see him in that mess Jersey, I don't know, I didn't bother like gorillas dress up in a Mets. Jersey. I tweeted that to already who left. All right, here it is. Gonzo she got the twisties in reference to Simone biles, our body and brain didn't work together. Balance totally off, she didn't expect it. She didn't take someone else's spot. Exactly, thank God. I'm so and that's why, you know, I I continually have to Listen, I love to go to my Pub. I love my friends, dad. They're all good people. But the amount of misinformation spewed is what I believe a microcosm of the amount of misinformation that is spread across the country. I mean, first, they started with crapping on the US, a women's soccer team because I guess they did not want to, you know, I don't know, I guess they kneel during the anthem, I don't know. Look,.

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