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Them with the CEO. That's so 11 7 11 take it to 11. It's 9 18 traffic and weather on the eighths back to Rita Kessler in the traffic center. Well, we still have delays in Virginia Brief ones, albeit on 95. South bound Crossing the Occoquan the earlier right near the Prince William Parkway should be gone. Also slow passing to 34 in Dumfries North Bend, 95 brief volume in Woodbridge and again in Newington 3 95 in good shape between Springfield on the 14th Street Bridge eastbound 66 the delay approaching the Beltway Watch for any work that's usually along the right side Also So in Virginia City and 29 between 50 and Main Street, the right side is blocked with the paving operations. We did have some wires down on Clifton wrote it Maple Branch Road, So watch for any redirection still available there on the Beltway. The auto lip topside has cleared out things look good. Now from I 95 all the way around the 2 70 no problems on the Beltway in Virginia to 70 still a trouble spot South beyond slows just before 1 18 headed toward 3 70 before 3 70 watch for the wreck remaining along the left side of the roadway involving a vehicle that had been on its side after that. It looks good from 3 70 headed all the way to the lane Divide onto either loop of the Beltway 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway in pretty good shape. No problems among 50 right now, although eastbound starting to see a little bit of a slowdown, trying to get into parole, so there may be a wreck near for 50 in parole. It just happened. No problems getting across the Bay Bridge right now westbound for 50 Defense highway before Windermere Court. You had been under police direction for what was reported as a crash, But now seeing it called a utility problems, so it may have brought some wires down in the roadway, and they're doing some repairs. In the district. South Bell Rock Creek Parkway still closed between beach Drive and Waterside Drive over Massachusetts Avenue for the crash, Cleanup and investigation followed the work around Canal Road inbound or Actually, the Clara Barton Parkway in about was seeing delays headed toward the light at the chain Bridge. That light was reported to be short timing. I'm Rita Kessler, w T o p Traffic storm team for a meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts. I look outside. It's 76 degrees and sunny. What could go wrong? Perfect day today, right? Yeah,.

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