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And I've given everything to Toronto FC, I think it was mission complete in terms of going there and winning which we set out to do. So I look forward to the next challenge. I'm not going to pose. There's no hard feelings dot seems like he wants out not just that there's going to be a parenting, but that he'd like to go somewhere else on Twitter. Eighty nine a wouldn't blame him if he was heading wear next. I don't know what are you implying return trip to Europe? I mean, if he's going to go he needs to go. No, I don't think that will be the case though. But somewhere else, I think he might wanna go somewhere else line about him mission complete. Yeah. I now. Yeah, they wanna title. He was due aurea seasonally. Yeah. But I do wonder coming off the season that Toronto are coming off of putting that quote in front of a fan right now. I don't know. Maybe maybe they would agree with that. It just felt like this season was just such a disappointment. I don't know if maybe Toronto FC fans expected a a little bit more prolonged. More of a prolonged stay at the top of the league, the whole and that when Alexi Lalas was talking about dynasties, and and the like, but he wasn't alone. No. There was a lot of people think people thought that they could go on and win a cop Champions League or they could go on and repeat in MLS. And for the way that it went. I don't know. Look, ultimately, he's right. It was mission complete Toronto FC were a disaster of club for years. And then this renaissance they got to a final they went on and one at the next year. They said a points record at the time. So yes, I don't mean to to like parse through his words and pluck out my own meaning he's right. He did what what they set out to do. But I don't know. I feel like Toronto. Could if he wanted to stay there long term, and they could keep the score together. Like, they could go on and continue being great club a lifestyle. Change is William maybe warm weather, something like that. Yeah. JJ? You know, we got we got one of these. Well, he really does screen that doesn't. This sounds like a London detective just broke a case this land, far, Jared, watts is focused more on the Lampard side of things, isn't it JJ? Frank. Assigned Ashley Cole while his body who was actually few years younger than Frank at thirty as for county. He will join the championship team. He's already met up with them. He said it will be the last. He did an interview early on. He said it'll be the last time. I will be calling him Frank. I will be calling him gaffer from now on. Yeah. I don't know what I saw it. It felt weird for a couple of reasons one. He's he's just at an age where I just like wouldn't have thought that this is that he'd be really on anyone's radar he willingly anymore. He will be the oldest player. Should he play which we expect? He will. He will be the oldest player to feature in the championship this season. It was it was particularly weird for me. Because do you remember what he was saying about MLS before he went there that it was off that it's just like this is a retirement community, but he came to any played at a high level. Even last year. I thought he was still very good for the galaxy. He took it. He took it seriously. And for whatever that was worth it left. Some kind of impression whether that beyond Lampert or somebody at Darby who thought you know, what he still good enough. Like, I can watch what he's doing an MLS. And I can I can see him doing a job here in the championship..

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