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To john stashower you want about a twins in new york this week open as the series with the yankees this afternoon they could very well be back in two weeks with a one gave america the wildcard playoff game yanks won last night five two one nine of eleven the way they're going there near locked up be no worse than the wildcard twins lead the angels by a game and a half of the second spot cc sabathia winter last night for the 125 work the first six innings bullpen took over from there with three scores are all this chapter the save for both brett gardner installing castro here's joe girardi i thought our hitters did a really good job tonight me they really made new burials workers really really hard tonight eighty some pitches in the in the fourth inning and maybe even more than that so you don't seem like we had a lot of opportunities but they made him work and we got enough runs to win the game gerardy has moved his as louise severino up to today that's an effort to have him on track to start a potential wildcard game next they'll three games behind the red sox they've taken ten of thirteen last they won not been at baltimore orioles wild pitch in the eleven thinning mets marlins were in the 10th in miami what ball one strike pitch is hammer told us fail this could it is up trump what 524 marlins radio the call miami tied it with three in the ninth the mets dropped seven of nine is one of detroit giants beat the rockies won the devil showed up for training camp all the players that visit goals and that's when it was discovered the devil's brian boil 32yearold center sign of the offseason has chronic myeloid leukemia type of bone marrow cancer the doctors say they can be treated with medication with bloomberg nbc sports update i'm jon stashower bob thank you john the.

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