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And actually you know here's a good example as i was talking about different numbers jonathan gruber remember that guy who came forward about obamacare and said you know yeah they kind of made things up to get it passed his firm made five million dollars from government contracts so i mean this is this is the thing it's like this whole web of one hand feeding the other and all these people setting policy are getting government contracts that you and i are never going to have would never have access to and then they can totally muck it up and they get even more government contracts for the lady who was supposed to provide meals for the philippines are believable was after the hurricane wayne and she was just like a work it out of her house and we're trying to like you know contractor contracting out and ended up she couldn't do it but she still wanted a couple of million dollars for her time and effort and without providing you know she provide like a third of the it's not even a third of the meals for the and then there's going back to katrina you'll remember those all those temporary homes that were made but the mobile homes but they were they had formaldehyde and so they were unusable you will you know who was involved in that project warren buffett so it's like every everybody everybody everybody has their paws on our tax dollars and that's fine if they were delivering like if he were delivering the mobile homes that were amid condition for the survivors of this terrible tragedy then fine.

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