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But what if there were a business degree that further your career and gave you access to world renowned faculty leaders and mentors all on your schedule? One that opened doors to some of the most influential CEO's tech companies law firms entrepreneurs and thought leaders, and what if you could earn that degree in as little as sixteen months. One hundred percent online to find out more text fund to 79645 that's F U N D two seven nine six four five. Start your online MBA information management or business analytics master's program from the w p Carey school of business at Arizona State University today. Learn more about the WPA Carey business graduate programs online text fund two seven nine six four five. That's F U N D. Two seven nine six four five some job go into the new year new you don't worry if you gain the holiday fifteen fitness kitchen, L A, we'll make it so easy for you to stick to your New Year's resolution does hit star star ninety five hundred smartphone and be sure to use the code fit ninety five for ninety five dollars off your first week with minimum two weeks subscription that star star bit ninety five. Do not forget to use that code fit ninety five ninety five dollars off or go to fitness kitchen. L A dot com. That's fitness kitchen. L A dot com, fitness kitchen LA, it's L favorite meal. Delivery service. And it's mine too. This is NBC four news at six with Chuck Henry, Caroline Johnson. Fritz Coleman, weather and Fred roggin sports on seven ninety ABC's. Don't know arrested. The brutal assault of a man who was beaten.

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